20. Herbalism, Menstruation, & Innate Knowing - Kami McBride

In the Intro:

  • My number one herb book
  • My healing pilgrimage to the skull of a blue whale
  • I say somthing that's hard to say
  • Edible & Medicinal Flowers eBook
  • The dark places of the soul & sharing our stories

In the Interview:

  • The strong childhood memory, and teenage crisis, that started Kami on the plant path
  • Recalling the era when being an herbalist was an underground, misunderstood, frowned-upon thing
  • You never know where or when the seeds you plant will sprout
  • Bringing information to the culture so that it can later be mirrored back to our children (or loved ones) by someone other than us
  • Unspoken soul transmissions from the ancestors
  • How to extract ancestral stories from your living relatives (do it now!)
  • What you are seeking is also seeking you
  • We are downloading decades of ancestral information right now & it’s causing information overload- when do we know enough?- an ancestral strategy for simplifying our herb learning
  • You don’t have to know everything, too much information clogs the channels
  • Stepping into power as bleeding women
  • Healing menstrual shame & a look at the learned cultural practices of plugging and drugging (which, in the long run, just repress and create more pain)
  • How your blood & bleeding time reflects your state of health back to you
  • Aligning with the energy of your moon time- enhanced perception, clarity around boundaries, awareness of emotion
  • Menstruation is a truth serum
  • Sensitivity is what’s gonna save us
  • Women, exhaustion, and rest
  • One small change that has dramatically reduced PMS symptoms for many of the women Kami and I know (including me!)
  • Returning to our innate body wisdom 





19. Reclaiming Kitchen Wisdom & Ancestral Healing - Darla Antoine

Calling in the grandmothers! The more dependent we are on the industrialized food system- and the more entranced we are by diet culture- the further removed we are from our ancestors. Food is a bridge between the land, our bodies, and those whose bodies we come from.

Darla Antoine is a mixed race Okanagan tribal member, ancestral activist and healer, mother and accidental homesteader in the high mountains of Costa Rica. Darla helps mixed-race and mixed-culture seekers become rooted into place and lineage by combining her master's degree in food and culture, ancestral healing and her own experiences as a mixed race woman and expat.

In the Intro:

  • My unexpected, super transformative, podcast hiatus: shingles and a family emergency
  • Fat is love (and an absolutely necessary nutrient for the brain & every single cell in the body)
  • Giveaway!

In the Interview:

  • Ancestry that’s deeply embedded in the land
  • The Grandmother Hypothesis
  • How diet culture keeps us separated from our ancestors
  • Disordered eating & how the fear of fat is pushing us away from what it means to be human
  • To learn about your ancestor’s lives, look below the level of empire (& what that means)
  • Reclaiming kitchen wisdom as an act of resistance against the dominant, patriarchal, industrial food system
  • The medicine that people of mixed race are bringing to the world right now
  • Dreams as guideposts
  • A mythic matriarchal dreamscape
  • Charting serendipity: When you’re in the right story, nothing doesn’t fit


Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.58.48 PM.png

18. Land Based Living, Mothering, & Eating - Suuzi Hazen

Our denatured modern culture doesn't work for our Paleolithic human bodies, as the epidemics of autoimmune issues, degenerative disease, and so many other modern health problems show us. Relearning what our ancestors knew about plants, animals, the land, and the human body in order to integrate that knowledge into today's world is a vital step toward health and wholeness.

This is an in-person conversation between two close friends, two mothers (Suuzi once nursed my baby for me y'all), two women trained in different forms of holistic healing who share an interest in ancestral wisdom and a commitment to honest vulnerability.

Suuzi Hazen runs a small mixed farm in Northern California, where she lives with her husband and sons. She has a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine and a BA in English Literature and Women's Studies. Growing up in rural Canada, she spent her childhood outdoors exploring nature and enthralled by stories of her farming ancestors. She's fascinated by and very knowledgeable about traditional and aboriginal lifeways, especially regarding families, child rearing, hunting and foraging, nutrition, and sexuality. 

Best NOT to listen with kids in the room.

In the Intro:

  • Giveaway!

In the Interview:

  • How we met & accepting help as an exchange of energy
  • Sex & bodies & desire after having a baby and other realities of modern motherhood
  • How we've lost basic wisdom about health
  • The microbiome & the deep self (Dr. Zach Bush is everything)
  • Mitochondria & degenerative disease
  • Autoimmune issues are the new infectious disease
  • Everything that happens in your body has meaning & everything you do has an effect (damnit)
  • Modern Western medicine is LTRLY based on cadaver studies- dead bodies are considered baseline
  • Our food journeys- from processed food and industrialized agriculture to vegetarianism and veganism to traditional foods 
  • Ancestral food resonances 
  • My past with anxiety, depression, self harm, weight gain & loss, and the aftermath of my vegan pregnancy
  • Nursing babies literally deplete the minerals from your bones- deep nourishment is needed 
  • The illusion of human supremacy: there's not such a big difference between plant and animal consciousness
  • Nature is an ongoing life/death/life cycle and we all consume the bodies of other entities; as Susun Weed says, "Now I eat you, now you eat me"- we are not separate from nature
  • Animism as the oldest form of human spirituality
  • Distorted notions of clean v dirty food 
  • Why our ancestors and modern hunter gatherers prefer organ meat over muscle meat
  • A deep dive into the liver- human livers, animal livers, the functions and energetics of this vital organ
  • Food choices, food prices, food privilege 
  • Love languages and more on sex & motherhood (in which Suuzi introduces me to the word "choreplay")


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 1.24.47 PM.png

17. True Holistic Healing: Bridging Plant & Human Consciousness - Sajah Popham

The vital intelligence of nature is the force behind all growth, healing, and renewal, and our work as plant healers deepens greatly when we can match whole plants with whole people living inside the dynamic multiverse of the whole cosmos. 

One of the most common stumbling block upon the path of the budding herbalist is the this-herb-for-that-ailment approach to plant medicine. If you ever catch yourself asking "What's this plant good for?" then this mind blowing episode, and my guest Sajah's FREE online video course (which changed my life forever last year by deepening my understanding of what true healing is), is for you:

 Vitalist Herbalism Mini Course

Sajah Popham, founder of Organic Unity and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, is a student of the universal truths found within both ancient and modern herbal traditions from around the world. The focus of his work is on integrating ancient teachings for a new paradigm of plant medicine, one that is truly holistic in its honoring of the spirit, energetics, and body of both people and plants. His unique synthesis bridges herbalism not only east and west, but north and south, above and below, into a universal philosophy that encompasses Ayurveda, western alchemy and spagyrics, astrology, clinical herbalism, and modern pharmacology. 

Sajah’s vitalist approach utilizes plants not only for physiological healing and rejuvenation, but for the evolution of consciousness, for a truly holistic practice of plant medicine. Sajah’s teachings embody a heartfelt respect, honor and reverence for the vast intelligence of plants in a way that empowers us to look deeper into the nature of our medicines and ourselves. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife Whitney where he teaches at his school, makes spagyric medicines, and practices his art.

In the Intro:

  • The way in which most of us (including me) are called to the plant path
  • It's time to remember who we are
  • The multidimensional medicine of Calendula
  • What I do when I want to remember new information forever
  • How understanding the ancient idea of vitalism changed my approach to plant healing

In the Interview:

  • The real definition of holistic medicine (it's probably not what you think it is)
  • Approaching plant relationships the way we approach human relationships
  • Why a balanced approach to herbal learning includes intellect, intuition, science, tradition, personal experience, and the experiences of others
  • The best way to get to know a plant
  • The two words that Sajah saw in a newspaper while clearing tables at a coffee shop job and how they changed his life forever
  • The role synchronicity played in introducing Sajah to one of his most beloved plant allies
  • Alchemy- the wholeness of the plant and the wholeness of the person integrated into the wholeness of the cosmos, and the importance using plants for the psyche and spirit as well as for the physical
  • Mythic astrology, the archetypes of the zodiac, and plants as bridges connecting our internal microcosm to the celestial macrocosm
  • Lung herbs and grief
  • Ancient ancestral resonances and the memory we carry in our DNA
  • The vitalist approach to herbalism- “something that is created by the whole is going to be more intelligent than something created by the part”
  • Plants mentioned include oregon grape root, devils club, wood betony, ceanothus, osha, and mullein

Show Notes:

16. Embodied Plant Medicine & Ancestral Heartbeats - Sean Donahue

Every moment of our brief time on earth is spent in our one unique and precious body. We are made of earth and we will return to the earth. Plant medicines do more than just address specific physical ailments- they can immediately and permanently shift of our experience of being embodied on the planet right now.

When we engage in relationship with the natural world, we find ourselves rooting in to the ground of our being, connecting with the ancestors (who never forgot how to live in full presence in a human body), and healing on ever deeper & deeper levels.

Sean Donahue is a neurodivergent/NeuroQueer/Autistic semi-nomadic herbalist, writer, poet, and teacher who sees that magic, poetry, healing, and liberation are inextricably linked. He is an initiated priest of the BlackHeart line of the Feri tradition of witchcraft and his work focuses on ecstatic relation with ourselves in all of our parts – human, wild, and divine– and with the land, the gods, and the living world around us. His priesthood also involves deep work with ancestors and the human and other-than-human dead. He makes his home in Trout Lake, WA on the traditional territory of the Yakima nation and bases his herbal practice in Portland, OR while frequently traveling to offer workshops and teach at conferences across North America.

In the Intro:

  • We share ancestors with plants
  • Real magic
  • Herbal Visions + Visionaries
  • Ancestral Heartbeats
  • Wholehearted Wildcrafting

In the Interview:

  • The daily life of the witch in the hut at the edge of the village

  • Being neurodivergent: autism, sensory gating channels, non-linear connections, tryptamine in the brain, and so much more

  • Sean’s childhood experiences with asthma, depression, and being misunderstood into a young adulthood of collapsing health and following the wrong path and finally into a healing awakening and journey into herbalism

  • Sean’s first psilocybin experience: realizing that everything is alive and connected

  • How plants can shift our experience of our bodies & our sense of ourselves in relation to the world around us

  • Using drop doses of herbal medicine

  • Sean’s deep reverence for and connection with his ancestors, including some truly *incredible* stories of how magic, myth, and ritual have opened the doors of communication between him and his forebears

  • The lore & medicine of Hawthorn

Show Notes:

Sean's website

Sean on Facebook

Ancestral Heartbeats Meditation at Patreon

Herbalist Visions & Visionaries book

Wholehearted Wildcrafting guide by Sophia Rose

My website Mythic Medicine

The Medicine Stories Facebook group 

Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)


15. Intuitive Whispers: Deep Memory & Woven Fate

What fate is your intuition calling you toward? Who do you walk with outside of time? With what and with whom are you most deeply interwoven?

This is the story of a flower I fell in love with and what happened when I made an essence with it. It's about intuitive connection with the earth, the ancestors, and your own deep self.

Show Notes:

Episode 4 guest Asia Suler's online Intuitive Plant Medicine course

My blog post Flower Essences are Story Medicine


Triplet Lily.jpg

14. Reclaiming Yourself Through Nature & the Ancestors - Vicky Salcido-Cobbe

Our human roots go deep, both into the earth and into the past, and we cannot know ourselves if we don't know our roots. Yet most of us in the modern West feel adrift, cut off from those things which fundamentally belong to us and which have always sustained humanity. This sense of isolation and the loss of meaning causes us to feel lost, bereft, without purpose.

A lived, daily relationship with the natural world and an embodied connection with our ancestors are the birthright of every one of us, and more and more of us are reclaiming ourselves by reclaiming these simple, sacred things.

Vicky Salcido-Cobbe is an herbalist, gardener, teacher, writer, and the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants. After years of feeling lost to herself and engaging in self-destructive habits, her life changed in an instant when a clinician offered her a bottle of herbal extract as medicine. She and her husband Russ now work with the land to create small-scale remedies for their herbal apothecary La Tierra Buena Collective (formerly Grandmother’s Medicine.)

In the Intro:

  • The usual, plus my crying toddler
  • Herbal Medicine Giveaway from Vicky!
  • Sorry not sorry

In the Interview:

  • Names as seeds planted by our parents

  • The years Vicky was lost to herself (with some drugs and tall cans), and how she found herself again (with the moon and tall trees)

  • How having big, mystical experiences without proper integration can cause more confusion and pain 

  • How nature and the ancestors have always sustained humanity, why we feel so bereft when we lose connection with them, and how we find ourselves when we rekindle those relationships

  • How this suburban SoCal girl stumbled upon the plant path- “herbalism was the way I reclaimed myself”

  • The realities of running an herbal products business

  • (Random segue into One Weird Use for Breastmilk)

  • Dreaming about Wal-Mart (& what it means when you have mostly mundane dreams)

  • Vicky gets really really real about the evolution of her sexuality- masturbation, porn, the shameful stuff we don’t like to talk about in our culture- and being extremely candid with her husband now that she's figuring herself out

  • 70s v 90s porn

  • Why the dominant image and dynamic of women needing to please men and get their approval in order to gain entrance into a sexual relationship is the opposite of reality, the opposite of biology in most animal species, including humans, and is a dangerous paradigm that upends nature and hurts girls, women, boys, men, and everyone else

  • Vicky’s recent transition from embodying the maiden to mother archetype (without having physically birthed children)

Show Notes:


13. Psychedelic Healing: From Microdosing to Transcendence - Jim Fadiman

Safe, therapeutic, and sacred psychedelic journeys have the potential to enact profound transformation and healing on both a personal and a societal level. Many mistake these substances for party drugs, but their true medicine lies in the properly prepared and undertaken journey inward.

Scientists were just starting to understand the therapeutic benefits of LSD, psilocybin, and more in the 1960's when the many studies being done were suddenly shut down. Research is thriving again today, and we are beginning to understand their role in healing addiction, PTSD, anxiety and depression, and so much more.

James Fadiman has been at the forefront of this research for over 50 years. He is a writer and researcher with a PhD in Psychology and is the author of many books, including The Psychedelic Explorers Guide, which details how both journeyers and guides can create optimal conditions to have the best possible experience. Jim has also popularized the phenomenon of microdosing (taking tiny, sub-perceptual microdoses of psychedelic substances to enhance performance and treat ailments). 

In the Intro:

  • How Jim and I met
  • The amazing free resource Jim is making available to listeners

In the Interview:

  • That feeling when the future Ram Dass gives you LSD in Paris and changes your life forever
  • Ken Kesey, Albert Hoffman, Huston Smith and other heroes of mine who Jim knew
  • Why psychedelic research got shut down in the 60's and what was being researched then
  • How psychedelics work
  • How to have safe, therapeutic, and sacred journeys
  • Microdosing for: depression, colds, menstrual problems, asthma, allergies, stroke, and SO MUCH MORE
  • Dying is absolutely safe


Amber & Jim.JPG

12. Folk Herbalism & the Wild Self - Jesse Wolf Hardin

Herbalism has always been the medicine of the people, but most of us in the West have been cut off from our earthbound roots and encouraged to forget our innate, ancestral ability to work and heal with plant medicines. Both despite and because of this, an herbal resurgence is slowly uprooting the dominant paradigm as ever more people heed the calling in their hearts to return to the old ways. No one has done more to share knowledge, encourage people of all skill levels, and bring folks together than Jesse Wolf Hardin (and his partner Kiva Rose).

Wolf is an acclaimed ecosopher, author, ecological and social activist, artist, musician, and historian– a champion of both human and bio diversity, as well as of nature’s medicine.  He has been a leading voice of and for the natural world for over four decades, coining the term “ReWilding” in the 1970's. He has been a featured presenter at hundreds of conferences and universities, and is the author of over 600 published articles in over 200 different publications and over 20 books, his work earning the praises of luminaries such as Gary Snyder, Terry Tempest Williams, Joanna Macy, Ralph Metzner, and Starhawk.


*How I met Wolf & Kiva

*Story medicine, psychedelic healing, witches & wise ones


*The Plant Healer vision and how it’s evolved

*A child’s life changing epiphany in an avocado tree at military school

*What re-wilding means, from the man who coined the now-ubiquitous word

*Folk herbalism and the infinite ways to walk the plant path

*The three books Wolf had with him when he came into the land he would go on to steward for the next four decades in New Mexico

*The recent planned unassisted home birth of Wolf and Kiva’s son of Ælfyn Wolfson Thorn Hardin

*The fabulous Good Medicine Confluence- “Any pretense of pretending it’s a conference is over”

*Helping plant people reclaim their own traditions

*Regulation and the assault on herbalism (and women) from the 1700’s to now

*Standing up for who we are as wild-hearted healers in a sterile society 

*How Wolf & Kiva met and why their partnership works and is so creatively productive

*The sense of enchantment that feeds those who follow their calling

*Balancing a rational and magical approach to herbalism


*Find Plant Healer Magazine, Herbaria newsletter, the Good Medicine Confluence, Wolf's books, and more at PlantHealer.org

*The Mythic Medicinals shop

*Medicine Stories Patreon 

*Medicine Stories Facebook Group

*Music by Mariee Sioux (from the song Wild Eyes)


11. Without a Village: Isolation, Honesty, and the Paradoxes of Modern Motherhood

We evolved raising children in clans of 50 or more other humans; today we live in homes with just a few other people. It goes against our very biology to raise children in isolation. It's really hard and really lonely, and it's not your fault.

In this episode I ramble into the microphone about my parenting journey. I am brutally honest and don't paint a rainbow over everything at the end. If you're already a parent, this episode will comfort you. If you're not and want to be, it'll give you a glimpse of your possible future and also maybe terrify you. If you're not and plan to keep it that way, you'll learn how to support the parents in your life.

I talk about:

  • How our fractured, nuclear family living hurts families and relationships
  • Emotional labor, women's invisible work, and the endless To Do list
  • The very different experiences I had with my daughters, born ten years apart
  • Sleep: I've both co-slept and sleep trained (also- SIDS and entrainment)
  • Realistic self care- does it exist? Kinda. Here's what I do
  • Building community
  • Herbs for mamas & kiddos
  • When does postpartum end?
  • Anxiety & motherhood
  • Choosing not to have kids
  • How the Maiden to Mother transition is different for everyone
  • The bone deep depletion of mothering
  • Being envious of non parents
  • Failing every day 
  • Come gather around this fire with me
Momming Hard.PNG

10. Living in Your Ancestral Human Body - Katy Bowman

Birth and death are the bookends that mark every human life, and in them and in between them there is movement. Our ancestors moved in a variety of ways throughout their days- foraging, hunting, seeking new landscapes, building shelter, birthing and carrying children, breastfeeding, processing food, finding water, etc. Physiologically, we are the exact same species; our bodies are identical to those of our prehistoric forebears.

Our biology hasn't changed, but our culture and physical environments have. Today, even the most active among us are mostly sedentary, and exercisers have just as many health problems and experience just as much injury as non-exercisers. We don't need more exercise (yay!), we need more MOVEMENT.

A biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart, Katy Bowman is radically changing our assumptions about what it means to live in an ancient human body in a modern and ever-changing world. She makes movement fun and shows people how to integrate it into every aspect of their lives. Her award-winning blog and podcast, Move Your DNA, reach hundreds of thousands of people every month, and thousands have taken her live classes. Her funny, wise, life-changing books have been critically acclaimed and translated worldwide.

In the Intro:

  • How Katy's work changed my concept of myself & what I'm capable of
  • Giveaway, Upcoming Event, etc.
  • Herb Learnin'- herbs are not "pseudo pharmaceuticals"

In the Interview:

  • Ancestral movement: stepping outside ourselves and looking at the wide scope of human time
  • Exercise as monoculture and movement as permaculture
  • Stacking your life- integrating movement into everything else
  • Finding your own roots (not someone else’s), and why 2018 is the year Katie finds her ancestors
  • Katy’s connection to the great-grandmother she was named after
  • Self reliance and how we’re shaped by the times we live in
  • The recent unassisted home death of Katy’s father, and the parallels Katy saw between that and birth
  • The many other deaths in Katy’s life within a 12 month period and how her movement practice kept her in a state of grace throughout the process
  • Movement as a metabolizer of stress and emotions
  • Bringing movement into grief- wailing, keening, caring for the body, (pallbearing!)
  • Keep moving because “there’s always another wave coming”
  • Katy’s recurring whale dream and the moment she lived it in real life
  • Reverence for the capacity and consciousness of cetaceans
  • Katy helps me break through my limited thinking around some of the things I spend most of my time doing (while sitting still)
  • The conscious practice of paying attention to what captures your imagination


ancestral movement

9. Know Thyself: Weaving Myth & Magic Into Everyday Life - Ariella Daly

Here's the secret about magic: it's not elusive, it's not hard to find, and it's everywhere. Magic happens when we follow the mythic threads that call to our soul and travel ever deeper into ourselves. We court magic when we take our inner yearnings seriously- by paying attention to dreams, symbols, old stories, ancestry, etc.-  and more & more meaning and synchronicity become woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

Ariella is a beekeeper, musician, and storyteller.  A student of the Path of Pollen, she has studied honey bee shamanism and the way of the Melissae for the past 8 years in the United Kingdom. She developed an interested in earth wisdom at an early age, creating her first herb garden and herbal remedies at the age of 15.  Plant lore and an affinity for traditional folk music led her to study the myth and folk wisdom of her Celtic ancestry.  As a result, she has over 25 years experience designing, leading, and participating in Celtic and earth-based practices and ceremony.  She believes in the power of body as guide and nature as ally, and is committed to fostering relationships between the human and non-human world.  She employs her skills with group facilitation in a number of workshops and classes focused on beekeeping, dreamwork, and women's embodied wisdom.  

In the Intro:

  • Dreamwork
  • Me, my birthday, my dead mom, & something meaningful that happened
  • Herb Learnin’- the myth of precise dosage
  • Finding plant resonances

In the Interview:

  • The beautiful stories behind the meaning of Ariella’s name
  • How the tales her father told her as a child planted a seed that started Ari following the mythic threads of her Celtic ancestry a decade later and inspired many pilgrimages to her ancestral countries
  • Reclaiming the lost indigenous and women’s wisdom from your line
  • The grief of displacement and how our animal bodies recognize our ancestral homelands
  • Ariella’s devastating miscarriage and the lessons and healing that followed (including how her lost daughter brought the bees into her life) and how our biggest traumas are what we weave our gold out of 
  • Ari’s initiation into ancestral, shamanic beekeeping 
  • Folklore & magic of place: that feeling when the fae folk/spirits of the land appear and offer you entrance to the Otherworld as you’re standing at midnight on a sacred hill at Glastonbury that centuries of lore say is a powerful portal (a true story)
  • Raven meaning & medicine
  • Spontaneous, heart-opening healing: “the piece of me that left came back in”
  • “My whole life has been led by listening to the animals and plants”
  • Embodying your ancestry through story, music, the land
  • How to study and work with Ari



8. Planetary Intelligence, Ancestral Resonance, & the Perception of the Heart - Stephen Harrod Buhner

There is a vast intelligence in Nature, which both precedes and envelopes human consciousness. By opening our doors of perception- the heart, the senses, the nervous system- we can engage in communion with this field and come to know the world in which we are embedded as sentient, responsive, and ever-adapting, just as our ancestors did.

Stephen Harrod Buhner is an earth poet and the award-winning author of twenty books on nature, indigenous cultures, the environment, and herbal medicine. He teaches about the sacredness of plants, the intelligence of Nature, and the states of mind necessary for successful habitation of Earth. 

In the intro:

  • The attentive noticing of the soul
  • An herbalist's perspective on cold & flu
  • Empowerment & herbalism
  • Giveaway!

In the interview:

  • Stephen’s memories of his physician great-grandfather, and how DNA carries more than just physical information down through the generations
  • The tendency toward high sensitivity in plant people
  • Sensory gating channels & discerning meaning from the touch of the world upon us
  • The doors of perception & how psychedelics, or “neurognostics”, effect them
  • Plant perception and the neural networks in root systems- humans do not have a monopoly on intelligence
  • The function of psychedelics in the ecosystem, apart from and long before human use
  • The birth of James Lovelock’s Gaia theory and how real innovation & paradigm shifts can only happen outside of institutions
  • How we can recover the intelligence of the heart in the direct perception of nature
  • Visionary plant encounters & knowing plants through dreaming states
  • Aisthesis- the exchange of soul essence between two life forms 
  • The misunderstood nature, vast intelligence, and ecological necessity of bacterial & viral life forms
  • The age of miracle drugs is over, just as so many people are stepping into the world of herbalism
  • Herbs are much better able to deal with infections and disease than technological medicine is
  • Stephen’s opinion on whether or not humans, and the earth, will survive
  • What happened in the Great Flu Epidemic of 1918: “The thing we haven’t learned is the dangers of our hubris”
  • True self-empowerment v reliance on outside medical knowledge
  • The paradigm shift that happens when you realize that all around you are plants with exceptional medicine that you can learn to use
  • The process of eldering and the point when the inevitability of dying becomes predominant 
  • Herbal lineage, the march of generations, and young folks as the torch-bearers for the future of herbalism



7. The Motherline: Embodied Ancestry & Feminine Magic - Lara Veleda Vesta

The scrolls are in our bones, and an embodied relationship with our ancestors can bring countless rewards and reveal things a merely intellectual path cannot. Through myth, ritual, and creative expression we can remember the feminine magic of our grandmothers and reap their blessings.

Lara Veleda Vesta is an artist, writer, and educator with strong, well tended ties to her Northern European ancestors. Her works and offerings focus on folk spirituality, archaic magic, mythology, ritual, and women’s remembrance. Our conversation runs deep and meanders from the cultural legacy of the burning times to the language of symbol to the nature of fate to the illusion of linear time and its effect on our modern lives to mold toxicity to snake medicine. And so much more!

-In the Intro:

Garden Party Giveaway!

The status of the podcast

Healing the Witch Wound

Herbal Tip: plant recognition & the human brain


-In the Interview:

The Motherline- intergenerational trauma, we’re all descended from survivors, and we are never separate from our ancestors

“Things are real and not real simultaneously”

Ancestral connection as an embodied path: connecting with the ancestors via direct information from your intuition, art, and ritual

The scrolls are in our bones: the ancestral dream that changed my life

Listening to the language of symbol

Hyndla- goddess of the bloodlines (let's bring her back!)

The woven web of Wyrd- the matrix of existence

Fate is interactive, time is non-linear, everything is happening simultaneously

The Disir- support, guidance, and blessings from the sacred grandmothers of your lineage

Go sit on your ancestors graves (for real tho)

Collapsing time and shifting consciousness 

How linear time separates us from nature, the ancestors, myth, and indigenous ways of knowing

"Get off the grid of your thinking"

The multiplicity of reasons you are never alone

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, mold toxicity, and invisible disabilities

Disregarding cultural expectations: exhaustion, trauma, and illness in women (especially at midlife)

The ancient Northern myth of Golveig- “Thrice burned and yet she lives”- and what it can teach us about feminine power, magic, surviving patriarchy, and healing after pain and trauma

Snake medicine & feminine magic



Lara’s website

The Wild Soul School

Lara’s Patreon

Max Dashu and The Suppressed Histories Archives

Jung and the Ancestors by Sandra Easter

My blog post Ancestral Voices, Women's Weariness, & the Illusion of Linear Time

The New Midlife Crisis for Women on Oprah.com


6. Naming Your Lineage & Deeply Releasing Fear - Amy Mea Woodruff

When she was 7 months pregnant, Amy Mea Woodruff's best friend was murdered by a stranger in her home. Amy speaks about this experience publicly for the first time, sharing the alternative grieving pathway she quickly carved out for herself as she sought to nurture and protect the life growing inside of her while simultaneously mourning the loss of her beloved soul sister.

Experiences from her past that had grounded Amy deeply into herself were an anchor throughout this process, including the conscious use of psychedelics and a longstanding practice of learning about and connecting with her ancestors. 

Amy (aka Daughter of the Sun) is a mother, craftswoman, land steward, budding flower farmer, and the founder and organizer of the Spirit Weavers Gathering.


In the Intro:

My experience with Spirit Weavers (from skeptic to enthusiast)

My first psychedelic experience


In the Interview:

Amy (Mea)’s two (& more!) names

Claiming your lineage and invoking your ancestors by speaking their names aloud

Amy shares the story of her best friend Cheree’s murder and her grieving and healing process

My and Amy’s journeys with forgiving the people who caused the deaths of our loved ones

Diving deep with Amanita muscaria & the time/space collapse (we also each speak about our relationship with cannabis)

Naming the land that raised us and listening to indigenous women

Amy’s feral childhood, Choctaw & Cherokee ancestors, and the wild foodways she grew up with

The challenges and rewards of founding and running the Spirit Weavers Gathering

Stewarding land and listening to nature



Amy's blog post expanding on this conversation and sharing photos of Cheree and of her ancestors

The Spirit Weavers Gathering

Alela Diane

Hawane Rios talk

Lyla June on the For the Wild podcast- On Resistance and Forgiveness in the Final Years of Patriarchy

Stay on the Spirit Weavers land in Southern Oregon via HipCamp

Music by Mariee Sioux (from the song Wild Eyes)

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5. Reclaiming the Ancient Human Way of Death - Cari & Richard Leversee

Six days before leaving her body, Cari Leversee and her husband Richard spoke with me about their journey together unto death. Cari died the way she had lived- with curiosity and grace, exploring, learning, and teaching every day. Our conversation is both profound and beautiful, and I am honored to have been a conduit through which Cari's wisdom, in her time of dying, can reach a wider audience.

In the intro:

  • How some people become exalted beings in their time of dying

In the interview:

  • Dying out loud + creating a living funeral

  • Approaching death with wonder, & finding love in the face of terror

  • Mushrooms & microbes as honored elders / Cari’s experience microdosing on psilocybin during the dying process  / Mushrooms teach us to lead with soul consciousness, show us how to die, and greatly reduce fear in terminal patients

  • Bringing together the love and life and grief and pain and agony of death is where the healing happens

  • Grief and love are not different emotions- the depth of love equals the depth of grief

  • Home funerals: ecstasy, healing, and community / Alternative options for body disposal- deep sea burial, alkaline hydrolosis (or water cremation), green burial / Casket art

  • “I want to go into my death with my arms open”

  • What it is like to watch your beloved life partner die, “I have no intention of getting over my grief.”

  • How our culture gets grief wrong

  • I ask Cari if she's afraid

  • In death, you recognize the true source of self

In the Outro:

  • Cari's passing
  • We die how we lived
  • More about microdosing


Cari Leversee

4. Multidimensional Plants & the Fabric of Consciousness - Asia Suler

There are countless medicinal plants and fungi out there, and among them are a special class of vision-enhancing gatekeepers to the Otherworld. These beings can expand our consciousness and allow us to perceive more than our physical senses can normally detect.

Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries is an herbalist, educator, and writer with a deeply layered, highly intuitive relationship to the medicine of the earth. Her incredible way with words and ability to convey complex subjects with ease have made her a highly sought after herbal teacher (lucky for us she has many online courses!). I love the plant haling and consciousness exploring aspects of our talk, but I also *really* love our conversational foray into living under patriarchy and why the nice girl trope has to die.

In the intro:

  • Bear medicine 
  • My ancient ice age grandmother & the Saami
  • Herbal Tip - drawing salves
  • "The center is the goal, and everything is directed toward that center"

In the interview:

  • How Asia’s full name is "a pretty perfect etymological encapsulation of what I ended up doing with my life”

  • Journeying to ancestral lands & how the ancestors are in the land (literally tho)

  • The fabric of the Otherworld: the limits of our senses, atomic space, the playground of consciousness, and dark matter

  • Dream visitations from the dead

  • Angelica: a visionary plant / opens portals of imagination / releasing trauma & coming in to our bodies

  • Reishi as a psychedelic, and the untapped potential of the subtle

  • Asia’s encounter with a creepy dude in the woods, #MeToo, and how being a nice girl is no longer a good evolutionary strategy for staying safe

  • Ghost Pipe as a tool for releasing ghosts


Asia's website, One Willow Apothecaries

Sylvia Lindsteadt

Sean Donahue

Rainbow Heart Beams Elixir

The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker (READ IT)

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Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.51.06 PM.png

3. Becoming the Medicine & Seeing the Wide Arc of Time - Sophia Rose

There is a wider reality behind and beyond the everyday world, and Sophia Rose's approach to plant medicine and healing reflects this in myriad ways. From using herbs in dream work to incorporating plant smoke in ritual to connecting with departed loved ones through flowers, the natural world provides countless doorways into the unseen.

Sophia Rose is a clinically trained and magically minded folk herbalist, word weaver, and educator based in Austin, Texas. Through the long-running La Abeja Herbs and her new project Garden Party, her writing is medicine to the soul and her plant potions are medicine to the body for thousands of people worldwide. I am honored to bring some of Sophia's personal story medicine to more folks with this interview.

We talk about:

  • The archetypal energy of datura (moonflower)
  • We are holographic representations of plants
  • Dreaming with herbs
  • Working with smoke medicine
  • Seeing the wide arc of time
  • Sophia’s healing journey after a friend’s suicide
  • Intuitive grieving and grief as a sacred responsibility
  • Sophia’s radical reconceptualization of what death is
  • The last ancestor who had a whole heart
  • Your name is your first lesson
  • We work with plant medicine so that we can become the medicine


Garden Party

La Abeja Herbs

Music by Mariee Sioux (from the song Wild Eyes)

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2. Lost Lineages & Ever Evolving Lore - Milla Prince

As people and communities move and change with time, stories evolve and lineages are lost. But information always goes where it needs to in order to survive and resurface again when needed. Ancestral stories can guide us on our paths, and lost lineages can be remembered.

Milla Prince is an herbalist, writer, and teacher who moved from Finland, where she had been deeply immersed since childhood in ancestral plant lore from that intact tradition, to the west coast of America about 10 years ago. Her blog, newsletter, Instagram account, Fireweed & Nettle herbal medicines, and The Cauldron zine reach tens of thousands of people each month. But I knew her when... and we talk about how funny that when was, as well as touching on a large range of other topics.

We talk about:

  • The unexpected internet subculture that first brought us together
  • Bear lore and the myth that spans the northern lands and shapes Milla’s online identity
  • Baba Yaga arising in the collective consciousness right now
  • The dream that guided Milla to change her work in the world
  • The circuitous paths we take when finding ourselves
  • Ancestral medicine & being indigenous to a place
  • Cultural appropriation as a symptom of spiritual longing
  • #witch #ancestry #medicine and mimetic expression online (evolving lore!)
  • The trauma of the burning times
  • Working with ancestral lines that are lost to you