22. You Are Magic & Fear is Never the Truth - Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman

In the Intro:

  • Books to live by

  • Mitochondrial meanderings

  • The deep ancestry of all humans

In the interview:

  • The sound of the thing you are called by, and choosing a name with multilayered meaning

  • From outcast to leader

  • What being the daughter of an immigrant taught Yaya about communication & self expression

  • When you realize you're magic

  • Making the radical choice to express the way you really feel (that way, if people hate you, at least they hate the real you and not a false impression of who they assume you are) (also, that way, you attract the exact right people into your life)

  • Why dreams are real, our favorite dream teacher/writer, & how to work with your dreams (and nightmares)

  • Fear is never the truth

  • Magic, nature, and layers & layers of ancestral depth ("I feel like I have an intact ancestral identity in a way I didn't even three years ago")

  • Healing chronic pain

  • Sensory overload and how "there's a lot of undeniably magical things happening all the time, but life is loud"

  • Navigating the world as an empath/Highly Sensitive Person

  • A lot of chronic conditions are due to long term nervous system overwhelm

  • Herbal body oiling

  • How a radical diet change healed Yaya's endocrine (hormonal) and nervous system

  • It's good to do things that our ancestors would recognize from their time on earth

  • Shapeshifting mythical archetypes & fields of consciousness

  • Discovering your own relationship with the plant realm


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