Please be in touch via the Contact page if you're interested in bringing my Herbal Self Care for Radical Babes class or my and Milla's workshop Root Medicine: Ancestral Remembrance & Folk Herbalism to your area. Both classes will be offered at both sessions of the 2016 Spirit Weavers Gathering.

Check out the Events page for upcoming scheduled workshops.

Sisters be taking care of themselves! Come make medicine in a circle of women and be reminded how important it is to be centered in your heart, grounded in your womb, and rooted in the earth.

In this women's herbal workshop we will discuss the ancient practice & modern necessity of Herbal Body Oiling for checking in with the deep self, calming and nourishing the nervous system, and keeping lymphatic fluid moving (especially near the breasts). 

We will also cover care of the pelvic floor and all of the trauma, tensions, and emotions we all store there. The sweet healing facilitated by herbal yoni steams will take center stage, and you will leave knowing how to do one when you get back home.

Participants leave with their own 8oz jar of Herbal Body Oil, which we will make together in class, and a handout with information and resources for further study.

  Teaching at the 2015 Spirit Weavers Gathering. I loved it, I swear. The sun was just in my eyes.

Teaching at the 2015 Spirit Weavers Gathering. I loved it, I swear. The sun was just in my eyes.

"I have so much gratitude for this class and teacher! I needed it in so may ways. Every woman should be a part of this. Ancient wisdom and fun!"  -Tiffany

"I had such a great time at this gathering! It was exactly what I needed. Thank you Amber for such a wonderful and deeply nourishing workshop. I'm feeling so inspired and can't wait to start using my herb-infused body oil!" -Sophia



You come from a long line of healers, midwives, songstresses, herbalists, dancers, birth-givers, artists, and wise women. 

You are a direct descendent of powerful visionaries and earthwise geniuses, and their ancient knowing resonates today deep in your marrow.

These are not empty platitudes or the wishful thinking of modern spiritual yearners; these statements are genealogical fact.

In this class we delve into the birthrite each of us came to earth with- the capacity to be healers and herbalists that dwells in our DNA as an echo passed down from our millions of ancestors who lived close to the earth. We will tie this ancient knowledge directly into how you can begin your herbalism practice and immediately start learning from the plant allies all around us.

We give practical advice for connecting with your kin through recent genealogy and ancient ancestry work, as well as ways to commune with your people on a more intuitive level through ritual, art, and dreamwork.

We also discuss plants that can help open the lines of communication to the ancestral realm, and emphasize the importance of knowing what grows around you and making medicine from your bioregion.

Participants will walk away with some relevant herbal medicine (exactly what depends on where the class is held and what is in season) that we will make together in class.

 Amber & Milla and the Yuba river

Amber & Milla and the Yuba river

Again, please be in touch via the Contact page if you're interested in bringing either of these classes to your area!