Our wombs are the ground of our power and our well-being.

And yet we, as modern women, hold so much tension and trauma in this deepest of places.

Vaginal and uterine self massage are simple forms of herbal self care that help to quickly and effectively melt away decades of tension and trauma, connect us to all of the women in our ancestral line, and cultivate profound inner knowing and radical self love.


“Delving into the root, we discover the body memory, a deep current that awaits our attention. Formed in the womb, our bodies imprint the legacy of our lineage.”  -author Tami Lynn Kent


"If a woman's uterus is out of balance, so is she." -Maya elder & herbalist Don Elijio Panti


This 41 minute mp3 download covers the Whys and the Hows of making Sacred Womb Massage a part of your herbal self care practice.

We will cover:

  • My journey into both vaginal and uterine self massage (abuse, pain, miscarriage, infections, etc.)
  • The collective & individual stresses and traumas all modern women hide away "down there"
  • How self massage easily and quickly helps to dissolve these tensions and awaken sensation and joy
  • How these practices can help to heal ancestral patterns and remake womanhood for the next generation
  • How simple it is! No rules, no complicated steps to follow
  • How to most effectively practice these forms of self care
  • Which herbs can be most helpful for this form of healing
  • Why self knowledge and self love are the most profoundly radical acts of our time

Go Within. Enter.


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