18. Land Based Living, Mothering, & Eating - Suuzi Hazen

Our denatured modern culture doesn't work for our Paleolithic human bodies, as the epidemics of autoimmune issues, degenerative disease, and so many other modern health problems show us. Relearning what our ancestors knew about plants, animals, the land, and the human body in order to integrate that knowledge into today's world is a vital step toward health and wholeness.

This is an in-person conversation between two close friends, two mothers (Suuzi once nursed my baby for me y'all), two women trained in different forms of holistic healing who share an interest in ancestral wisdom and a commitment to honest vulnerability.

Suuzi Hazen runs a small mixed farm in Northern California, where she lives with her husband and sons. She has a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine and a BA in English Literature and Women's Studies. Growing up in rural Canada, she spent her childhood outdoors exploring nature and enthralled by stories of her farming ancestors. She's fascinated by and very knowledgeable about traditional and aboriginal lifeways, especially regarding families, child rearing, hunting and foraging, nutrition, and sexuality. 

Best NOT to listen with kids in the room.

In the Intro:

  • Giveaway!

In the Interview:

  • How we met & accepting help as an exchange of energy

  • Sex & bodies & desire after having a baby and other realities of modern motherhood

  • How we've lost basic wisdom about health

  • The microbiome & the deep self (Dr. Zach Bush is everything)

  • Mitochondria & degenerative disease

  • Autoimmune issues are the new infectious disease

  • Everything that happens in your body has meaning & everything you do has an effect (damnit)

  • Modern Western medicine is LTRLY based on cadaver studies- dead bodies are considered baseline

  • Our food journeys- from processed food and industrialized agriculture to vegetarianism and veganism to traditional foods

  • Ancestral food resonances

  • My past with anxiety, depression, self harm, weight gain & loss, and the aftermath of my vegan pregnancy

  • Nursing babies literally deplete the minerals from your bones- deep nourishment is needed

  • The illusion of human supremacy: there's not such a big difference between plant and animal consciousness

  • Nature is an ongoing life/death/life cycle and we all consume the bodies of other entities; as Susun Weed says, "Now I eat you, now you eat me"- we are not separate from nature

  • Animism as the oldest form of human spirituality

  • Distorted notions of clean v dirty food

  • Why our ancestors and modern hunter gatherers prefer organ meat over muscle meat

  • A deep dive into the liver- human livers, animal livers, the functions and energetics of this vital organ

  • Food choices, food prices, food privilege

  • Love languages and more on sex & motherhood (in which Suuzi introduces me to the word "choreplay")


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