46. Sex, Trauma, Magic, & the Ancestors - Pavini Moray

Remembering that our ancestors can guide us because they've done this all before, relating ancestral healing & communion to our sexually traumatizing culture, helping people without assuming that we hold knowledge of what it is they need, and so much more...


  • Lilac water

  • Creating apart from perfection


  • The sweet vulnerability of praying out loud

  • Bespoken Bones and the magical process of naming things

  • Discarding the expert paradigm- “I don’t know what you need to know”

  • When jealousy is pointing you toward what you want to be doing

  • Navigating the pathway of harm to healing

  • Discerning the well from the unwell dead/ancestors

  • Trancestral healing & the blessings and the powerful magic of complex gender

  • The difference between our ancestors of blood and our ancestors of heart

  • Engaging trauma as an alternate state of consciousness in which deep healing can happen and potent gifts can come forth

  • Coming back into sexual wholeness

  • We’re living in a sexually traumatic culture

  • Sexual liberation is not a state we permanently get to, it’s a path and a process and a practice

  • Most of us don’t feel like we can bring our whole, authentic selves to our relationships

  • Shame, you know we talk about shame

  • The throughline of selfhood


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