11. Without a Village: Isolation, Honesty, and the Paradoxes of Modern Motherhood

We evolved raising children in clans of 50 or more other humans; today we live in homes with just a few other people. It goes against our very biology to raise children in isolation. It's really hard and really lonely, and it's not your fault.

In this episode I ramble into the microphone about my parenting journey. I am brutally honest and don't paint a rainbow over everything at the end. If you're already a parent, this episode will comfort you. If you're not and want to be, it'll give you a glimpse of your possible future and also maybe terrify you. If you're not and plan to keep it that way, you'll learn how to support the parents in your life.

I talk about:

  • How our fractured, nuclear family living hurts families and relationships

  • Emotional labor, women's invisible work, and the endless To Do list

  • The very different experiences I had with my daughters, born ten years apart

  • Sleep: I've both co-slept and sleep trained (also- SIDS and entrainment)

  • Realistic self care- does it exist? Kinda. Here's what I do

  • Building community

  • Herbs for mamas & kiddos

  • When does postpartum end?

  • Anxiety & motherhood

  • Choosing not to have kids

  • How the Maiden to Mother transition is different for everyone

  • The bone deep depletion of mothering

  • Being envious of non parents

  • Failing every day

  • Come gather around this fire with me

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