55. Highly Sensitive People are the Psychedelic Plants of the Human Realm - Lola Pickett

Empaths are trending right now; let’s dig beneath the surface into what it really means to be empathic and/or to have a highly sensitive nervous system, and then talk about the plant and fungal allies that can help us to relax, recalibrate, and ground.


  • The difference between empathic and highly sensitive people

  • High sensitivity is an evolutionary adaptation

  • Ritual is remembering


Part I, Lola interviews me:

  • How I came to walk the plant path

  • My experience as a vegan postpartum woman

  • What fat does for our bodies- resilience and deep nourishment- and why it’s extra important for Highly Sensitive People

  • Remembering the intelligence that is woven throughout every cell in our body (not just the brain)

  • Overcoming the empathic tendency to shut everything out

  • Healing the legacy of highly sensitive/empathic ancestors making harmful decisions in an endeavor to self medicate

  • How psychedelics can help heal and empower HSPs

  • Reishi as an ally

  • The importance of touching something before ingesting it

  • Practicing the felt sense of our food

  • Making a game of tuning into and experimenting with changing the aperture of your sensory gating channels

  • Knowing your strength as an empathic person 

Part II, I interview Lola:

  • How Lola came into relationship with psilocybin mushrooms

  • Time is the most persistent illusion

  • Knowing that all is well, not as a bypass, but as the deeper reality of nature

  • The stark difference between altering your consciousness recreationally and doing so ceremonially

  • Tracing the motherline to find the medicine that belongs to you

  • Being deep in an ancient cave with the bones of your ancestors

  • Psychedelics, neurogenesis, and healing trauma