16. Embodied Plant Medicine & Ancestral Heartbeats - Sean Donahue

Every moment of our brief time on earth is spent in our one unique and precious body. We are made of earth and we will return to the earth. Plant medicines do more than just address specific physical ailments- they can immediately and permanently shift of our experience of being embodied on the planet right now.

When we engage in relationship with the natural world, we find ourselves rooting in to the ground of our being, connecting with the ancestors (who never forgot how to live in full presence in a human body), and healing on ever deeper & deeper levels.

Sean Donahue is a neurodivergent/NeuroQueer/Autistic semi-nomadic herbalist, writer, poet, and teacher who sees that magic, poetry, healing, and liberation are inextricably linked. He is an initiated priest of the BlackHeart line of the Feri tradition of witchcraft and his work focuses on ecstatic relation with ourselves in all of our parts – human, wild, and divine– and with the land, the gods, and the living world around us. His priesthood also involves deep work with ancestors and the human and other-than-human dead. He makes his home in Trout Lake, WA on the traditional territory of the Yakima nation and bases his herbal practice in Portland, OR while frequently traveling to offer workshops and teach at conferences across North America.

In the Intro:

  • We share ancestors with plants
  • Real magic
  • Herbal Visions + Visionaries
  • Ancestral Heartbeats
  • Wholehearted Wildcrafting

In the Interview:

  • The daily life of the witch in the hut at the edge of the village

  • Being neurodivergent: autism, sensory gating channels, non-linear connections, tryptamine in the brain, and so much more

  • Sean’s childhood experiences with asthma, depression, and being misunderstood into a young adulthood of collapsing health and following the wrong path and finally into a healing awakening and journey into herbalism

  • Sean’s first psilocybin experience: realizing that everything is alive and connected

  • How plants can shift our experience of our bodies & our sense of ourselves in relation to the world around us

  • Using drop doses of herbal medicine

  • Sean’s deep reverence for and connection with his ancestors, including some truly *incredible* stories of how magic, myth, and ritual have opened the doors of communication between him and his forebears

  • The lore & medicine of Hawthorn

Show Notes:

Sean's website

Sean on Facebook

Ancestral Heartbeats Meditation at Patreon

Herbalist Visions & Visionaries book

Wholehearted Wildcrafting guide by Sophia Rose

My website Mythic Medicine

The Medicine Stories Facebook group 

Music by Mariee Sioux (from her beautiful song Wild Eyes)