21. The Medicine We Carry - Lola Venado

In the Intro:

  • I share an ancestral story 
  • How I define spirituality
  • The food your bones are made from
  • Herbal body oils & elderberry elixir

In the Interview:

  • Being the the daughter of a secret witch + becoming a botanical bruja years after the mother passed and the chance to learn from her was gone
  • Racism, secrecy, lineage, and cultural evolution
  • Following the breadcrumbs to get a bigger picture of who your people were (there are more holes than solid information in all of our lineages)
  • Letting your silvers shine
  • Locating yourself within the myths of your ancestors
  • Being empowered to heal yourself
  • Listening to the understory- amplifying the voices of people of color within the worlds of herbalism, spirituality, and the creative arts
  • Comida es Medicina
  • Most magic is mundane
  • When women's knowing and/or calling out injustice are labeled "irrational"
  • What white folks are learning/dismantling right now


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