There is no more worthwhile endeavor than coming to know your deep self.

To paraphrase poet e.e. cummings, you must learn to be no-one-but-your-deep-self in a world that demands conformity and worships the surfaces of things.

Through hosting and producing the Medicine Stories Podcast, I have learned that the most grounded, fulfilled, and successful people are those who continually follow the mythic threads that pull them inward. They cultivate relationships with their ancestors, explore the meaning of their names, heed the wisdom of their dreams, honor the land they have occupied, revere the plants, animals, and stones they feel a resonance with, and delight in the revelations told in the stories and myths that call to them.

In other words, they take their soul’s longings seriously and refuse to belittle or ignore the parts of themselves that society deems irrelevant.

After listening to my guests and paying attention to where the biggest growth in their lives lay, I learned to hone my questions in a way that revealed ever deeper levels of themselves to themselves (and to my listeners as well). Oftentimes, just being asked the right question can cause a cascade of revelations that help to reveal what healing and growth lies within.

I’ve created this humble writing course to act a guide for you to help uncover your own potent medicine stories. We all have them. We are each on our own mythic journey, and we all deserve to make some space to reflect on ourselves and our path.

This course consists of 14 emails that will be sent to your inbox starting on the first Sunday of next month. There will be a welcome video, followed by 3 writing prompts a week for 4 weeks, and a closing video.

As a bonus, you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group comprised of other folks partaking in the same session. Participation is not mandatory at all, but for those who are called this is a beautiful way to share your writing and connect with others who are on the same journey.