Podcasts, interviews, and articles...


Interview on Susun Weed's Radio Show.

Interview on the Starseed Survival Guide Podcast: Echoes of our Ancestors and Cultivating Intimacy with Death.

Interview on the So You Wanna Be a Witch podcast.

Interview on the Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast- On Grieving Openly and the Spiritual Power of Studying Your Ancestry.

The Huffington Post: 15 Instagram Accounts All Witches, Healers, and Goddess-Lovers Should Follow.

Interview with Nevada City herb shop HAALo about how I got into herbalism and what keeps me here.

Interview with Aquarian Soul Designs about intuitive versus logical herbalism, psychedelic healing, and more.

Interview with Erin of Active Culture Family, wherein we touch on single motherhood, my favorite books, sex, death, and more.

Article by Active Culture Family entitled Western Herbalism, Witch Burning, and Amber Magnolia Hill's Juicy New eBook.

Article by Milla of The Woman Who Married A Bear entitled Be So Sensitive, all about how us Highly Sensitive People navigate the world and how herbs can help.

Interview with Hanne Hvattum for the Why We Write series, in which I talk about how my lifelong practice of keeping a journal has shaped who I am and has been the core of my spiritual growth.