On Genuine Friendship in a Glossed-Over Age

Sometimes I get so sick of the way women present themselves online, and flatter their way into relationships with perfect strangers on social media in order to increase their own popularity, that I want to puke. I envision writing a whole post on the subject someday, but since that's probably not gonna happen cause I'm too busy obsessing over this issue to think clearly about it, here's a short post I threw up (not literally, but almost) on Facebook this morning. (Does it make you like me more? Please leave a gushy comment below about how amazing I am.) Laughing-Friends-2_thumb3

Dear women friends- I love you not because you're a dreamy manifestation of the divine feminine who embodies love and light and abundance, but because you're real and raw and beautiful as fuck and you share your deepest vulnerabilities, most flawed imperfections, and wildest dreams with me. Give me painfully honest in-person conversations over perfectly edited, sticky sweet, oh-so-public social media mushiness any day. Only our truest and messiest selves, not our most flattering and polished selves, can sustain real friendship. Let's continue to grow together and be these ladies someday.

(For more on these issues, read any of Brene Brown's books or watch her super popular TEDtalks on shame and vulnerability, and/or read Milla's astute take on this complex matter). 

An Interview & A Giveaway!

Bella Q Of the fabulous blog The Citizen Rosebud has posted an interview with me today! I think her blog has the best tag line ever: "Frocks and Follies for the Femme Vitale". I first met Bella Q years ago when I was living in Sacramento and have always thought her one of the most stylish women I know, so I was thrilled when she began blogging recently. She posts frequently and has already developed quite a following, and it's easy to see why.

And hey, it's giveaway time!!! Just leave a comment here to be entered to win this amazing 1971 book, and leave a comment at The Citizen Rosebud to double your chances of winning! I'll randomly choose and announce a winner on SUNDAY.

The subtitle for this book is "The Moods of Love Today" :-)

The somewhat psychedelic design of the inner covers very much reflects the free spirited aesthetic and lifestyle that led the Hallmark Corporation to publish such a book!

The photos and text inside are just beautiful.

So soft focus dreamy 70s hippie vibe it's almost unreal.

Most pages intersperse text and images.

Of course they had to include Richard Brautigan!

And Joan Baez.

And Gertrude Stein.

I appreciate the inclusion of children and familial love in the book as well.

But you know that ladies in pretty dresses in fields of flowers are my favorite...


(A few details about the book- it measures about 12" x 10", is hardback, was edited by James Morgan and designed by Harv Gariety, and again was published in '71 by Hallmark).

Bathing Beauties

I recently came across Bobster855's Flickr Photostream, where I found these awesome 1949 promotional videos for Tweka, a swimwear company in Holland. He has lots of other awesome old videos too, like San Francisco and Las Vegas in the 70s, London and New York in the 60s, and more in this series as well.

It has not yet been warm enough here to don a bathing suit, but I am (for once) pretty happy with this year's selection, a two piece from Target. I mismatched the top (ruffly pink & green) and bottom (eyelet brown) using what I've learned over the years about what cuts and styles look best on my body. I so look forward to hitting up the Yuba River with my girls and our little ones as soon as possible, feeling comfortable in my swim wear!

I am seriously loving one pieces lately and therefore am also indulging myself in something I've wanted for years now- a handmade crochet one piece, from ArtIsTruth (aka ArtistRuth) on Etsy. Ruth and I somehow met online and when I realized she had an Etsy shop- that sold crochet bathing suits- I was smitten!

I "commissioned" a piece and decided on the colors ("any shade of purple mixed with a warm peachy color"), and she sent me sketches of what it will look like. I can't wait until it's done and jumping off rocks with me into the Sierra snowmelt this summer!