Warm Hearted Revelry at the Winter Bizarre

Last Sunday was the Nevada City Winter Bizarre, an event that is only two years old and yet has become one of the holiday events I most look forward to.

This time it was a bit different for me, as I had my favorite ladies to share my booth with! I was flying solo at last year's Winter Bizarre and at the more recent Summer Bizarre. Looking at this photo I realized that each of us is wearing a dress here that we modeled for the shop at one time, then decided to keep instead.

It was also different in that we got hooked up with a cozy corner spot. I am definitely going to request the same space in the future.

This is why I love this event. Not only do all my favorite Nevada City friends come out for it, but my favorite friends from nearby make the trip too! Becky & Heather (who has already posted about the event!) came from Placerville, and Kim from Oakland. It's like our unofficial bi-annual NorCal vintage loving friend meet up. Speaking of, the lovely Sadie from Lost Boys & Lovers couldn't make it this time, so I wore my tooled leather harness from her in her honor.

I finally got legit with my shit this time, with a sign by local artist Tahiti Pehrson and with business cards. (Okay, so they were stickers with my website URL handwritten on back. But very pretty stickers! I'll get legit next time). I had just scored these big abalone shell earrings a few days prior, and I love how the shimmery rainbowness of the sign is so similar to them.

The best new thing about this Bizarre was having Jen vend her beautiful handmade jewelry alongside my and Suuzi's vintage clothing. She has been collecting antique beads for decades and has amassed a collection of truly rare and valuable beauties that draw in jewelry lovers like a magnet. She is currently working on a necklace for me made with a woolly mammoth tusk bead. As a lover of elephants and mammoths, I am beside myself with the prospect of walking around with such a thing resting near my heart.

The view from our booth.

Meet Skylar and his amazing crochet blanket pants & skirts. There was not a dull moment having him next door. He even changed his outfit more in one day than Mycie and I do combined!

Jen got so many compliments on this sweet 50s style dress I thrifted this summer.

Ms. Sequined Egyptian Goddess sold in a heartbeat.

Baileys, to up the warm hearted revelry factor.

Also in attendance at the unofficial bi-annual NorCal vintage loving friend meet up were Nicole and her darling daughter Kama. I like to think that there is not a better dressed, or more confident, 11 year old girl out there. Sadly, I didn't get any photos of their Crimson & Clover cohort Kerry. It was a joy to see her there and to connect with the one person there who I've known longer than anyone else.

And Sasha! She was not vending this time, but that didn't stop her from looking like the most fabulous vintage boutique owner around.

My own little dear was there too.

As was Becky and Jordan's! Oliver is a steal for only $2, don't you think?

As heather said, we were proud to be in the dance party corner. Fun, fun times. I can't wait to do it again...

The Winter of My Content

Hey all! I have been taking a serious break from the blogosphere, from both reading my favorite blogs and writing my own posts. Instead I have spent my time pursuing three things which I hoped would stave off my annual winter depression: learning the fiddle, writing every day, and exercising!

And it has worked!!

So I'm happy, healthy, growing my brain in new ways, and ready for a comeback :-)

So here are some photos of my winter so far. Even though the only three readers I probably have left have already seen them all on Facebook.

I've hung out with the fam, romped in the snow, read plenty of good books, and watched in awe as Graham taught himself how to braid, then french braid, then do a herringbone braid in a matter of weeks.

I've spent a lot of time at Mycie's preschool, and captured this awesome moment:

Here she is, conjuring her inner sorceress, in a cape I thrifted for her when she was a wee babe:

These shots are from the Nevada City Winter Bizarre, housed in the historic (and gigantic) Miner's Foundry building:

Check out my rack:

Kim of A Boy Named Coy scored a gorgeous Gunne Sax dress from me, and looked strikingly beautiful in it.

We lucked out getting the spot right next to this lattice, and utilized it to its fullest display potential:

Mycie's darling dress was a gift from Heather of Moonshine Junkyard, who was also vending!

Amanda wore a poncho I bought at Crimson & Clover and gifted her (I have the same one and she always loved it):

Christmas reading:

Christmas dress:

Christmas pose:

My boyfren Zeraphin:

My dear friend Christy (holding sweet little Noah in black and white plaid) hosted a Xmas Eve party for which she bought and cooked a spectacular meal for 30 people and then forced all of us to go caroling (which all us grown-ups enjoyed way more than we had anticipated, and which Mycie absolutely loved). Much fun with good friends!

On New Year's Day Joe and Wendy of In The Kitchen hosted a traditional Southern brunch. Also yum. Also free. Also much fun with good friends.

Also, Spencer wore this jacket, which my lovely friend and model Suuzi (his wife) bought for him off eBay.

I hope you all are feeling as bright and sunny as I am right now, despite the cold and grey, and are pursuing your creative passions with snow tinged zeal and frosty enthusiasm!