A Prairie Winter (or, When the Tea Party Meets Etsy)

For the 27th time in the last few years I present to you... my new favorite dress! I peeped it on Etsy last week and simply had to break my self-imposed No Buying Till Preschool Is Out And We Have Extra Spending Money ban. And it was well worth it.

We were supposed to check out Mycelia's next year kindergarten this morning, but it was snowing too hard. She made it through the lottery and is headed for a childhood of FREE Waldorf education!!! But these photos weren't taken today, they were actually taken two days ago, just hours after taking the rainy photos in my last post (with an all-important post office delivery in the interim!).

I got the dress from RogueRetro on Etsy. The shop owner Amanda and I got to talking and through a random sequence of subjects she ended up sending me this link to footage of when she was on the Glenn Beck show. You see, she thrifted a Revolutionary War outfit that his mom had sewn for his dad back in the day (she lives in Seattle and he grew up nearby), and sent it to him without asking for anything in return. So he flew her and her darling daughter Ella out to New York and had her on his show. I'm not the dude's biggest fan (nor is she) but I really enjoyed watching this. As will you. (And I just dare you not to be inspired by Amanda, who is kind-hearted, hard working, and very successful. My purchase was her 3,000th sale! And she has made 39 more sales in the 5 days since!).

And this, my dear hearts, is the most perfect dress on the planet. I love me some soft pink, I adore me some white eyelet, and I crave me some maxi length. The bodice is my favorite. As you all ladies probably know, finding a perfect bust fit can be quite a challenge. For me, especially in the sweltering summertime, I really prefer to be braless. Obviously, this is not doable with a lot of dresses. All of my favorite vintage summer prairie style dresses insist upon my wearing my most uncomfortable strapless with them. But not this li'l darlin'! The back is smocked, ensuring proper fit. And the front material is thick enough and perfectly shaped. I'm in heaven.

Or I will be. When I can wear the dress like this, without the sweater and without the boots and without freezing my ass off. While driving my child to a school that upholds all of my values and ideals but is not draining my pocketbook. So that I can buy more dresses like this. And wear them. Or sell them. To make more money to buy more. So I can post 27 more new favorite dress blogs!

The Winter of My Content

Hey all! I have been taking a serious break from the blogosphere, from both reading my favorite blogs and writing my own posts. Instead I have spent my time pursuing three things which I hoped would stave off my annual winter depression: learning the fiddle, writing every day, and exercising!

And it has worked!!

So I'm happy, healthy, growing my brain in new ways, and ready for a comeback :-)

So here are some photos of my winter so far. Even though the only three readers I probably have left have already seen them all on Facebook.

I've hung out with the fam, romped in the snow, read plenty of good books, and watched in awe as Graham taught himself how to braid, then french braid, then do a herringbone braid in a matter of weeks.

I've spent a lot of time at Mycie's preschool, and captured this awesome moment:

Here she is, conjuring her inner sorceress, in a cape I thrifted for her when she was a wee babe:

These shots are from the Nevada City Winter Bizarre, housed in the historic (and gigantic) Miner's Foundry building:

Check out my rack:

Kim of A Boy Named Coy scored a gorgeous Gunne Sax dress from me, and looked strikingly beautiful in it.

We lucked out getting the spot right next to this lattice, and utilized it to its fullest display potential:

Mycie's darling dress was a gift from Heather of Moonshine Junkyard, who was also vending!

Amanda wore a poncho I bought at Crimson & Clover and gifted her (I have the same one and she always loved it):

Christmas reading:

Christmas dress:

Christmas pose:

My boyfren Zeraphin:

My dear friend Christy (holding sweet little Noah in black and white plaid) hosted a Xmas Eve party for which she bought and cooked a spectacular meal for 30 people and then forced all of us to go caroling (which all us grown-ups enjoyed way more than we had anticipated, and which Mycie absolutely loved). Much fun with good friends!

On New Year's Day Joe and Wendy of In The Kitchen hosted a traditional Southern brunch. Also yum. Also free. Also much fun with good friends.

Also, Spencer wore this jacket, which my lovely friend and model Suuzi (his wife) bought for him off eBay.

I hope you all are feeling as bright and sunny as I am right now, despite the cold and grey, and are pursuing your creative passions with snow tinged zeal and frosty enthusiasm!

The Darkness Retreats

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All winter long I felt Death looking at me through the cabin windows. Watching me. Waiting for me. I am almost annoyed that she didn't just get it over with. Came so close, even took my consciousness for a minute. But now I am more here, alive, on earth, than ever. I sense my roots deepening. I know where I am and I am staying here. And she didn't take my daughter either. My biggest fear, much too close to being realized. But we remain together. Here. And so now I feel more breathing space, less worry. We were left here. Because here is where we belong. And it will be a long time and there are many things to do before she comes back to claim us.

(Thank you, so much, for the comments everyone. We are very, very well).