But Where Would I Wear It?

Ahhh the vintage seller's dilemma- sell or keep? What would best serve you right now- money or the thrill of a new dress?

I hadn't even considered keeping this dress. First of all, I know it's unusual (especially for someone who unabashedly loves purple and pink and rainbows and unicorns), but I don't do sparkles. And it's all sparkles. Secondly, I was sure the bodice was too big. Both of my (bigger busted) models/besties tried it on first but couldn't get it buttoned.

So I tried it on. And it fit. And I looked in the mirror. And fell in love. The colors, the rose print, and especially the cut are killing me. The bodice is so elegant (in front and in back), and I love how the hem is uneven with the sides slightly longer.


I think I need to take a cue from these ladies and just wear what I love, whenever and wherever. Yes, I am going to work on that. Life's too short and beautiful not to, yes?

All right then, I'll let you know where I end up wearing it ;-)

A Lovelier Shade of Haunting

I'm guessing you've heard this song before. And that, therefore, you love it. There is really no other option.

A few nights ago I was aching to hear it and searched for it, and this video came up. It was made in 1967 and shot at Witley Court in England, a relic built in 1655, and in London. It's not a spectacular, or really even a good, video, but it's so worth it to see the style- the clothes, the hair, the 'stache. There is a definite '67 mod hippie London feel to the whole thing. And really, as long as this song is playing in the background, I could watch anything and feel happy and serene and wistful and in love with life.

The discovery of the video sent me in search of more info on the song, and I found out that there were originally four verses that were culled down to two for radio friendliness. I haven't yet found a recording of the entire song (please, for the love of god, send it to me if you find it), but I did find a recent performance of the song that includes one of the extra verses.

It's so crazy seeing people age.

The song has been played on the radio and in public places in Britain more than any other song in the last 75 years, was #57 on Rolling Stone's list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and has been recorded by 900 other artists. (Thank you Wikipedia).

Go here to read the two extra verses, as well as some of the lyrics' meaning and allusions to Shakespeare and Milton.

There, I just made your day a little better didn't I?

Bathing Beauties

I recently came across Bobster855's Flickr Photostream, where I found these awesome 1949 promotional videos for Tweka, a swimwear company in Holland. He has lots of other awesome old videos too, like San Francisco and Las Vegas in the 70s, London and New York in the 60s, and more in this series as well.

It has not yet been warm enough here to don a bathing suit, but I am (for once) pretty happy with this year's selection, a two piece from Target. I mismatched the top (ruffly pink & green) and bottom (eyelet brown) using what I've learned over the years about what cuts and styles look best on my body. I so look forward to hitting up the Yuba River with my girls and our little ones as soon as possible, feeling comfortable in my swim wear!

I am seriously loving one pieces lately and therefore am also indulging myself in something I've wanted for years now- a handmade crochet one piece, from ArtIsTruth (aka ArtistRuth) on Etsy. Ruth and I somehow met online and when I realized she had an Etsy shop- that sold crochet bathing suits- I was smitten!

I "commissioned" a piece and decided on the colors ("any shade of purple mixed with a warm peachy color"), and she sent me sketches of what it will look like. I can't wait until it's done and jumping off rocks with me into the Sierra snowmelt this summer!