In Town, In Brief

Last week. About town. Breakfast at Ike's with an adorable baby. Wearing this dress again (and at least 3 times since...)

Mixing florals. Lace and leather. The tights I've worn every day this winter.

Downtown Nevada City. Solstice buy/sell/trade new/vintage/costumes. If you come here, you gotta go there.

Next door- Toad Hall Book Shop.

One of my five favorite used book stores in GV/NC, definitely the one with the sweetest kid's corner (actually the only one with a kid's corner).

We got the Little House on the Prairie series, which they had been holding for me. I gave up on trying to thrift all the books, and decided that it was well worth supporting this awesome shop and making an investment into hours and years of future reading delight.

Always with the flower picking.

And the new outfit creations.

Here's the spot mentioned a few posts ago. Tiny hillside and path covered in spring flowers running between the Salvo and the library in downtown Grass Valley. Always with the flower picking.