Hometown Blues

Sadie's post tonight (hmmm, which also has the word "home" in the title) reminded me that I've been wanting to share photos of the shirt I got from Flaming Hag Folkwear last summer.

Nicole had told me about it as she was working on it, knowing I am from South Lake Tahoe. She set it aside for me and brought it to the inaugural Nevada City Bizarre, and it was love at first sight.

So what if I was only two years old when it happened? I remember my parents pointing out the landslide's aftermath to me on Highway 50 for years afterward. Entire hillsides covered in muck and fallen trees.

These photos were taken last September (right after I cut all my hair off!) at a barbeque in Sacramento with some of my best old hometown homeboys. I threw the shirt into my car as I left Grass Valley and just layered it over whatever I was wearing once I got there. It was a hit :-)