Camera, Banjo, Fiddle- The Clothes

This will be the first in a series of posts I am calling "Camera, Banjo, Fiddle" in which I will share the incredible images captured on a perfect Sunday afternoon in an utterly magical creek side backyard in Nevada City, CA.

This is my favorite shot of the day (from what I've seen so far)- John Lee plays the banjo, I wear white lace, Ari wears red velvet, and Artemas Rex plays the fiddle.

Camera, banjo, fiddle.

This shoot was born from a number of little eddies of inspiration- my new friendship with photographer Simon Weller (who shot film as well as digital and whose images I have yet to see- these were all taken with my camera, which was passed around between everyone throughout the day- but Simon's shots are sure to be better!), my desire to document more of this town's well dressed- and vintage loving- men (among which John Lee and Artemas rank near or at the very top), my girl Amanda's amazing yoga abilities needing to be captured on camera, and my hope to share the musical talents of Ari (Ariella Daly) and Artemas (Artemas Rex). Oh, and my wish to bring the loveliest vintage pieces into the homes of folks who will love and enjoy them as I do!

It was one of the sweetest afternoons of my life- filled with some of my favorite people on earth, gorgeous vintage garments that I've been saving up for this very day, a location that I had seen from afar and dreamed of visiting close up, two bottles of good wine, and to top it all off two of my favorite men playing my two favorite musical instruments almost the entire afternoon. It was the perfect soundtrack for this setting, and put us three ladies in a playful, posing mood.

There are so many beautiful images that I simply must break it down into a number of posts, and I decided to focus this first one on the clothes (that will be for sale in the shop this week):

And more- so, so much more!- to come...