A Prairie Dress a Day: Six ♥ Peaches & Cream

Magnolia in full bloom.

Vintage Peaches & Cream Dress

I spent yesterday working on a local ranch. Not exactly the kind of job where I can wear a prairie dress as I had wished, but filled with a million different scenes to delight the country girl in me nonetheless.

So far three of the dresses in the Prairie Dress Collection have sold. Hooray for spring! And there are still eight days of dresses to come...

Admittedly, this is the least prairie style dress of the collection. Still pretty sweet though, eh? It would make a lovely Easter dress.

I mostly spread hay all around two big fields. That and raking out and leveling dirt. My arms are SO SORE today.

Have a lovely weekend! The sun is shining bright here and we're off to enjoy it...