Upgrades, Updates, Uploads, and the Upswing

Upgrades: Aww yeah, it's day one of Project Blog Upgrade! We'll be tinkering with the site a bit over the next couple weeks, doing some major tech updates and a full aesthetic makeover. Please bear with us and the ever-changing site as we figure it all out.

Updates: We'll start with Suuzi, who is just moving into her 3rd trimester. She is feeling great and looking fabulous! We lunched at Ike's last week, stopping in at a nearby baby/maternity buy/sell/trade shop where she picked up that little blue dress, and also taking some rest time to feel the sweet softness of Nevada City's latest yarn bomb awesomeness.

Moving onto Toni A.K.A. the (now infamous) gunnesaxlady. The day after my post was published her Etsy shop was shut down, though she is still (frustratingly, considering the fact that I emailed them proof that she's using images stolen from other people) up and running on Ruby Lane. I want to thank all of you who took the time to read, comment on, and share that post. It went viral on facebook and got 10x the number of hits my posts usually get, and I feel very satisfied that many people in the vintage community know about her scam now and will be keeping their eyes peeled for her next sneaky move. I have received many more messages since that blog was posted from buyers and sellers describing more outrageous behavior from Toni and team (seems there are definitely at least two people running that operation), including one $200+ purchase Toni made for which she made three separate payments from three separate PayPal accounts over a long period of time, constantly "forgetting" how much she owed and trying to undercut the seller ("I owe you $15, right?" "No, you owe me $50"). I still haven't received my payment from her.

Uploads: My Instagram obsession continues. I was stoked yesterday to see a whole bunch of new friends joined because the app had been made Android friendly. If you're on, my username is violetfolklore. If you're not, you can check out my photo feed here while you scheme up ways to get yourself a compatible smartphone.

On the upswing: SPRINGTIME HAS ARRIVED! I've pulled my pretty warm weather dresses out of storage! I am leaving town for a trip to visit family tomorrow! I am stoked on my new blog design and the many little extras I have up my sleeve that are going to make this site that much better! I recently scored some darling vintage wall hangings that are already listed in the shop (see below)! I just acquired a hefty lot of amazing vintage European 50s and 60s lace slips and camisoles that are going to blow your goddamned mind (see below) (I mean seriously, they do not make clothing like this anymore)! Mycie gets to spend Easter with dozens of cousins who we rarely get to see! SPRINGTIME HAS ARRIVED!

Great day for Up!