Tales From A Gunne Parade

You all remember our Gunne Parade in Sacramento this past weekend, of course?


Here is the wonderful Atelier, one of the most charming clothing stores in all of Northern California. The ladies who run it have made an intimate, inspiring space filled with incredible vintage and one-of-a-kind clothing designs. It's true love right from the rosebush by the front door:


Hey, that's us on the sign! And recognize the clothes on that rack? It's our Trunk show! We just love how all the pretty dresses look hung up together...


(Every inch of Atelier is thoughtfully decorated, even the windows!)


Here is one of the Atelier "advertisements" for the Gunne Parade... none other than an exquisite Gunne, of course! And some more of the dreamy inside of the store:



The adorable children's section:


We were talking about how someone should do some kind of Gunne database... I mean, all of us agreed that we just keep seeing new Gunne designs all the time! How many dresses did this one company make? Here's a late 60s one that takes the cake:


Love those birds!


The Gunne Database might solve some of the Gunne Mysteries... like why these two very similar dresses (one is ours, one belongs to Atelier) have different labels. One is in the Bridal Collection, one is not. Huh??? (By the way that's Amber with Kara, one of the owners of Atelier. Kara also runs the fabulous Etsy shop Porkchop Rules! Check it out! Kara is wearing a Gunne skirt/vest set.)


Our fearless parade leader, Nicole, with her daughter Kama! Kama did the hand drawn flyer that's in our first picture. Being 9 years old, she actually fits in those teeny tiny Gunnes, lucky girl... and check out Nicole's awesome Gunne, again one in a style we'd never seen! Those stripes!

(Nicole co-runs Atelier and has two awesome stores on Etsy-- Dig Vintage, which features clothes very similar in "boho" style to Violet Folklore, and Flaming Hag Folkwear, where she showcases her beautiful handmade jewelry.)


We were a small parade, but we made up for our size with our enthusiasm... and our noise! We brought lots of toy instruments and we played them with the wild abandon of Hari Krishnas, throughout the busy streets of the Second Saturday artwalk!


As twilight descended, all the ravens flew home... it was a never-ending river of ravens in the sky! It probably happens all year long, but it felt so totally OCTOBER!


Crossing the street is so much more fun when you are musical, and dressed up all purty.


Amber and Sasha: bright lights, big city; but we're doing our part to keep it old-fashioned!


We are just going to go ahead and call this the "First Annual" (can you call it Annual if it's the first one ever? We dunno) so let this be an inspiration for all of you to join us next year! Meanwhile, keep rockin your Gunnes, and someone please make a Gunne database... Nicole and Kara have both seen Gunnes with UNICORN prints, and we're dying to know what they look like! Sounds like a Trophy Gunne, if ever there was one. Hmmm.....

Atelier is at 1617 16th Street in wonderful Midtown Sacramento. They are open every day except Mondays.