Giveaway Winner & Scenes From a Birthday

Congratulations Brytnee Fae! You have been randomly chosen as the winner of the pretty lacy giveaway dress! Come on down and claim your prize!

Okay and here are some photos celebrating my sweet girl's 4th birthday. The above photo shows four years of family fun at the Nevada County Fair, which always happens during Mycelia's birthday week. The next few shots are from this year's excursion.

Cotton candy and ice cream in one day- she thought she had died and gone to some sort of warped heaven where one's parents actually encourage the consumption of processed foods and artificially sweetened treats :-)

Gunne Sax skirt of my dreams, stretched to the height of its lacy floral glory.

And then a few days later we had a sweet little birthday party in the park...

And then a few days after this her most special present arrived in the mail. I am bursting with pride looking at these photos and thinking about the fiddle lessons we are beginning next week. Our Southern roots are strongly felt in her musical aspirations!

Sweet serenade.