But Where Would I Wear It?

Ahhh the vintage seller's dilemma- sell or keep? What would best serve you right now- money or the thrill of a new dress?

I hadn't even considered keeping this dress. First of all, I know it's unusual (especially for someone who unabashedly loves purple and pink and rainbows and unicorns), but I don't do sparkles. And it's all sparkles. Secondly, I was sure the bodice was too big. Both of my (bigger busted) models/besties tried it on first but couldn't get it buttoned.

So I tried it on. And it fit. And I looked in the mirror. And fell in love. The colors, the rose print, and especially the cut are killing me. The bodice is so elegant (in front and in back), and I love how the hem is uneven with the sides slightly longer.


I think I need to take a cue from these ladies and just wear what I love, whenever and wherever. Yes, I am going to work on that. Life's too short and beautiful not to, yes?

All right then, I'll let you know where I end up wearing it ;-)