Solstice Confluence: Golden Summer Look Book


A confluence of the most amazing vintage, loveliest model, most fantastic photographer Simon Weller, and totally epic location. Items available at Violet Folklore *except for the beautiful Gunne Sax, which Chia hemmed to perfection and which belongs in her closet. I would love to see more retro-fitting of pretty Gunnies like this. Someone, please, do it.


Sunlight Rainbow Specters

I got a new camera, and I feel like myself again! I haven't had one for a couple of months now. This is the Canon PowerShot G12, reaching out and grabbing little prisms of sunlight (photo/graph = light/write). I'm very happy with it.

Mycelia and I now live in downtown Nevada City, CA, she is in kindergarten, and my life has settled considerably since my last posts. Getting this camera is kind of like putting the final puzzle piece onto the picture that is my new life. (I've been doing Bikram yoga again too, on my pretty rainbow mat!).

The vintage photo shoots have started rolling again, the Nevada City Winter Bizarre is coming up, I just took the most gorgeous late afternoon cemetery photographs... now that my life has settled and I'm me again, let the blog posts begin! I've missed you all terribly.

The Darkness Retreats

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All winter long I felt Death looking at me through the cabin windows. Watching me. Waiting for me. I am almost annoyed that she didn't just get it over with. Came so close, even took my consciousness for a minute. But now I am more here, alive, on earth, than ever. I sense my roots deepening. I know where I am and I am staying here. And she didn't take my daughter either. My biggest fear, much too close to being realized. But we remain together. Here. And so now I feel more breathing space, less worry. We were left here. Because here is where we belong. And it will be a long time and there are many things to do before she comes back to claim us.

(Thank you, so much, for the comments everyone. We are very, very well).