Silk Elephants on Parade- Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a happy and relaxing Christmas yesterday. Mycie and I had a great time with all sorts of family at my mom's house in Gardnerville, NV, home of the best thrift stores on earth (a personal theory which I am going to put to the test yet again later today...)

It is time for another Giveaway! Suuzi scored this silk dress with the most amazing primary colors and fantastic elephant print. The bust measures at 16", the waist is 14", and the length is 36". It is a modern dress with the label "Voom by Joy Han U.S.A., M". Zipper and hook and eye closure in back.

I wore it with this little golden elephant necklace my best bro Dan got for me in high school. He knew I loved elephants. They say it is good luck to wear the image of these highly intelligent pachyderms, you know.

I want to thank those of you who stepped out from the shadows and commented on my post On Dresses and Opinions. A few of the comments near about brought me to tears, they so eloquently put into words- and even gave me a brand new perspective on- what it is I hope I'm putting out into the world here. It was so nice to hear some new voices, and to be reminded that many more people are reading my blog than just the small handful who regularly comment. (Since I hear from them so often, I start to subconsciously think that they are my only audience when I am writing out a new post.) I can't wait to get home after the holidays and more thoroughly explore the blogs of you ladies who I have not connected with before. I am getting deadly serious about meticulously cultivating my own private blogroll :-)

So... I'm thinking for the Giveaway... leave a comment telling me your favorite book, song, or film of the year. I will randomly choose a winner and announce who that is on New Year's Day! Elephantine luck to you all!