Awaiting My Destiny...

I like to refer to my sold items on Etsy as those that have "Found Their Destiny", and each of these four pieces are waiting do just that. They are all for sale in the shop right now (well, the shoes sold the day after I took these photos, but she has not paid or responded to my inquiries, so their destiny is still up in the air!). I have tried before to create an outfit made up 100% by items for sale in my shop but it never worked as well as this one. I think too that I really do look anticipatory here, like I'm about to catch a train or something.

Hat: thrifted

Chinese Jacket: Thunderhorse Vintage in Sacramento

Dress: FreeStyle Clothing Exchange in Sacramento

Shoes: thrifted

Keep or Sell?

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As much as Graham has truly awesome style and an effortlessly spot-on aesthetic when it comes to... everything (his French culinary teacher in school once announced to the class "All of you I have to teach presentation to but Graham, Graham I don't have to teach it to"), sometimes a girl just needs another girl's opinion when it comes to clothes.

I am torn over whether or not to keep or sell the four pieces above. The Gunne Sax prairie skirt I bought for the shop, but the more I look at it the more I love it. But would I really wear a long denim prairie skirt?

The dress was also bought for the shop, but I thought I'd sneak in a wear and make it my New Year's dress. At about 4 hours to midnight I was rocking it and getting ready to go, but come the new decade I was snuggled up in bed feeling good about my decision to stay in for the evening.

When I bought the shoes I wasn't sure whether they were for me or the shop. I have had similar shoes in the shop before that I loved but that just weren't for me. These, I think, may be the ones that are finally for me.

And the jacket. I love this jacket. I got it for myself from Fruit Salad Vintage on Etsy. I adore babydoll cuts on anything, and the plaid is fantastic, and the colors are sublime! But it is a *tad* too small. As in, I hear a seam rip every time I move in it. Is it worth it?