Instamatic Hipstagram

I finally got an iPhone. It's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Or close to it.

I love having a camera with me wherever I go now. I snapped this shot up in the loft at Kindergarten during rest time during my volunteer day last week. Aela, Juniper, and Mycelia.

Nevada City roofscape.

Esme, who does a killer handstand.

The Dead Winter Carpenters, last Friday night at Cooper's. It was the fiddler's birthday, and she was wearing the sweetest Gunne Sax dress. It was a busy weekend in town, with a Mardi Gras parade and other related happenings, and today a parade of past presidents. (This town will go for any event that allows its residents to dress in historical garb- Victorian Christmas, Cornish Christmas, Constitution Day Parade, Civil War re-enactments, Marching Presidents, etc.).

On Saturday Adam and I took a walk on Independence Trail. Originally an abandoned miner's ditch, it later became the first wheelchair accessible trail in the country. So Adam's oldest brother David gets to enjoy it too. How awesome is that?

On this day though, it was just us. And a slug and a newt and lots of green.

That down there is the Yuba River.

Still trying to figure out a lot of my phone's functions. It got shaken in my pocket, so Hipstamatic took that as a command to change the setting. It's really going to be fun to eventually know what I'm doing here.

We also spent time with Adam's family this weekend. His mother was in town staying at David's house, and his middle brother Jon came up from Sacramento with his wife Jenna and their daughters Caroline and Lucy.

Lucy's just about the happiest baby you ever saw, and Adam spent a lot of time with her while Jon spent time showing me all the coolest free Apps for my new favorite toy. So far, I'm loving getting instant notifications when I have a new order or message on Etsy. It's a dream come true!

So, fellow iPhoners, any suggestions for what could make my smartphone experience even radder than it already is?