In Wombs

Suuzi stopped by yesterday, and I was so enamored of her well-dressed voluptuousness that I grabbed my camera and led her out to the nearest decent photo backdrop. Plus, I thought you all might want an update after my last post!

She is in her fourth month now, and she and Spencer have been interviewing midwives.

You may have noticed her awesome cleavage in the Bizarre post. It's like Mother Nature at its finest, watching her mammalian body prepare to nurture a newborn. She and I each bought this same flutter sleeve summer shrug on a shopping trip to Sacramento last year. It's perfect for throwing over a sun dress.

Like this amazing spaghetti strap smocked maxi dress with the most perfect peacock print (and plenty of room for baby to grow!).

Ella & Mycelia were excited to feel the baby bump.

If you know anyone who is pregnant, or who was ever a fetus themselves, I couldn't recommend these amazing videos any more:

In the Womb from Maternal Newborn on Vimeo. (There are also episodes on multiples, identical twins, one on animals featuring a dolphin, elephant, and dog, and one on cats & dogs. All are available from Netflix.).