I Heart Heart Heart It: Late August Etsy Window Shopping

From Sasha

We just bought a car from a friend, somewhat spontaneously (as far as Ye Olde Budget was concerned), and I find myself having to hold onto my extra cash for a little while. Though I'm being Very Very Good, nothing can stop me from a little window shopping! Dreaming of the glamorous days to come, a la Holly Golightly, I have assembled an amazing collection of Lovelies in my Etsy Favorites. Fair game to those of you that get to these before me... and enjoy the eye candy!


The Last Unicorn Ring by thatjewelrygirl (um, thank you for referencing my favorite movie ever!). This piece of Fantasy Bling is on sale for $10. Can you believe that? Shocking.


Maximum Fringe Necklace by iheartnorwegianwood (this one just sold! drat! but maybe she'll be inspired to make a new one!) In my mind, I am Karen O's twin sister, despite bearing no physical resemblance to her. That this model actually does look like Karen O only increased my desire for this hot piece of neckwear. Sigh.


Moonshine Capelet by whiteapple. Um, pinch me, surely I am dreaming. Can I have those gloves too, please? Pretty please? 


Black Tunic with Peruvian Spirit Print from comaandcotton. I super-heart the whole outfit-- necklace, hat, binoculars. I don't buy it that this is merely a Bird Watching moment, either. Hmmmm.


Natural History Necklace from thatjewelrygirl. I don't even have room for all the things that I love from this seller... and every piece is totally unique.


The Age of Innocence Hat from whiteapple. When I am rolling in it, every hat I wear must be at least this opulent. I will settle for nothing less than Fabulous.


Delicate Little Circus Flower 1922 Bewakeful. This crafty lady has inspiration to spare. I think I am cut out for the Show Pony act... but if you give me bon bons, I will try out the trapeze.


Handmade paper flower pin YeYe. Yeye's creatrix is a design student from Montreal, and every thing in her store sparkles with total joie de vivre! The Ye Ye Style blog is total eye candy, and highly recommended.


One last, cause I can't resist... a Pucci-style bathing suit from Ye Ye! Okay, I know I'm down to the last month of swimming here in Northern California, but I want. I want. I want.


Whew! What a whirlwind! Okay, back to work... gotta make that spending money somehow!