Introducing The (Virtual) Gunne Sax Parade!

Remember how I was asking, post-Gunne Parade, for someone to please start a Gunne Sax database? Well, guess who jumped on it? None other than our friend Nicole from Atelier/Flaming Hag Folkwear!


Nicole felt like a regular "database" would be just too darn boring, so she put the Dream into blog form. You can peep her first few entries (including a history of the founder of Gunne Sax, Jessica McClintock!) at Gunnes on Parade


Best of all, you can send her your pics of your Gunne Sax duds, for inclusion in the blog, at this address: Let's fill up the blog with pics of all the Gunnes of the world!


These pictures are some of our fave Gunnes that we have already sold, but don't despair- Violet Folklore is your Gunne Sax source! We have lots of gorgeous Gunnes in the store even as we speak... even one that is almost a copy of this cute purple one!

 (A huge thanks to Nicole for being so kind, so cool, and so ON IT.)


Gunne Sax Parade in Sacramento!

No, really!:


That means you, girls (and guys, we don't discriminate!)-- come on down to Atelier (1617 16th Street in Sacramento), trussed up in your fave Gunne Sax piece, and parade with us through the happening streets of the Second Saturday Art Walk in Midtown! We're even going to get some music to accompany us. Parade ends back at Atelier for munchies, antics, and shopping-- we'll even be doing a Violet Folklore trunk show. Come on out and be ridiculously girly and silly with us-- just think, haven't you always wanted to be in a parade? 

Btw, here are a few of the myriad accepted modes of parading: skipping, sauntering, cartwheeling, sidling, jigging, and hopping. 

Are you in?


Sasha and Amber