The Hawaiian Collection: 70s, Peasant, Lovely

At some point in Violet Folklore's past I have posted something somewhere online about my love for 70s Hawaiian peasant dresses.

I'm thinking you feel the same way about these carefree relics of simpler days gone by.

And, like me, picture a dark-skinned earth mama puttering barefoot around her yard in a dress just like these gathering coconuts and mangoes and grinding taro and kava kava roots for an upcoming celebration.

When I came across these dresses in another Etsy shop recently I quickly hearted all of them.

And a few days later received a message from the shop owner. She had gotten all of the dresses from the estate of a friend who had recently passed on. But she and her husband were leaving Hawaii to move to the Middle East soon (I know, really?) and she needed to liquidate her stock. Would I be interested in purchasing them?

Her asking price was a little high, and it was hard to fully ascertain the quality of the dresses as they hung lifelessly on mannequins in the glaring mid-day sun. But I saw the potential. Oh yes, I saw the potential. So we haggled for a bit (I'm getting pretty good at that) and before long they arrived at my door step, all packaged up with pretty tropical leaves.

The ending of this epic tale has now passed into legend, as I begin to list these gorgeous dresses in my shop tonight...

Thanks to Suuzi's hella awesome husband Spencer Seim for taking these photos!

Many Lovely Dresses in the Twelve Days of Christmas

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I thrifted the children's book "The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Christmas Carol" (illustrated by Sheilah Beckett and published by Little Golden Books in 1992) when my daughter was just a baby. Now that she is three years old and understands that Christmas is a special time with special books and music, she absolutely loves reading (singing) the book.

And I am more than happy to read/sing this one to her over and over for one reason: I love the clothes! The lucky lady who receives the gifts has a new luscious outfit on every day, I adore the peasant dresses of the eight maids a'milking, and the nine ladies in waiting are all decked out in some truly fantastical flowy gowns of gorgeousness. (Please forgive the fuzzy pictures, we are working on getting a better camera soon.)

Merry Christmas to you & yours!