The Hours

More specifically, the way that some of the hours have been spent in the few days since I returned from one of the funnest nights ever.

New lovelies for the shop! Guatemalan dress, peasant tops, amazing kimonos, black lace bell sleeves, a dirndl skirt, and the sweetest li'l Gunne you ever did see (to name but a few).

I rotated myself 180 degrees from photographing the clothes on the bed and snapped the contents of a special package received in the mail that day- Alela sent us her new album, Alela Diane & Wild Divine, on vinyl! We just got our record player up and working, and it is so much fun to listen to my parents' old record collection and now this very new recording too! It is lovely and Alela is lovely and good friends who make good music are so very lovely to have.

I thrifted this dress for Mycie the other day. Total springtime farm girl hand made country dress. She loves it.

I thrifted this pink dress on the same day, and haven't taken it off since. The gray sweater and perfect little bag came from Heather. On our mini road trip this weekend (see 1st paragraph) she gave both Missa and I a gift package. A *themed* gift package. My theme was Wildflower Hills, reminiscent of "the pinks and grays and purples of a springtime twilight in the Sierras surrounded by poppies and lupines". How totally sweet is that? I think I did that vision justice with this outfit.

The girl, though wearing a darling new dress from her own gift package from Heather, was in a surrriously surrrly mood this afternoon.

Maybe because she totally ate it the day I was out of town dancing up a storm and drinking beer with my girls (again, 1st paragraph). That's a tattoo, not a scab, on her arm. Though she did get cut up on most every body part during her fall.

Details. I really love the little cut-outs on the cardi.

Later that night. Graham. Let's show the world your "work space!". Me. Leave me alone!

Here's Mycie this morning in a sweater from Heather. This is a girl who detests having to wear sweaters, who always wants to be wearing only a summer dress, no matter the weather. I don't think there's been one day this winter when we haven't struggled to get her into appropriate clothing before leaving the house. A problem Heather solved in one fell swoop! Turns out all that was needed was a Peruvian sweater with cute fuzzy animals on it. She loves putting it on.

Lately she has been the queen of layering. Tights, pants, skirt, dress, sweater- good to go.

Maybe that's because Graham has been taking her to school lately. It is a total dream for me to not have to rush in the morning (he is headed out to work anyway), and somehow the outfit choosing process when he is involved has been tweaked just enough to allow for such magnificent creations.

We had totally random snow today, but it is supposed to be warm and sunny by the weekend. Good thing too, because all those new clothes need to be photographed and shared with the world!

Shake Dreams From Your Hair My Pretty Child

This morning, as I lay in bed struggling to shake the dreams from my hair, Mycelia emerged from her bedroom all dressed, hair brushed, holding a special bouquet she picked and bound herself, ready for the new spring day.

What'd you do?

Well I tied a rope on to them, so that it could be a bouquet.

A bouquet of dandelions. And what's this dress you're wearing?

It is... I don't know what flowers they are. Do you?

No. Is it too big for you?

Well it's still too big for me but I don't care.

Post title taken from this:

Back to the Forest

"I hope that women become happy with lovely clothes, because they spend very stressful daily lives"


God bless the Japanese. And not just for their strength, fortitude, and kindness in making their way through the cataclysm of the last weeks. But also for their whimsical collective imagination, which pushes the limits of technological advance in one sector while harkening back to the idyllic days of the primeval forest in another.


I am a little late jumping on this bandwagon, so perhaps you are already familiar with the "Mori Girl" style. Mori means forest in Japanese, and this look is all about the revival of peasant, fairy tale, princess frocks and lacy floral feathery accents. Closely related to the Lolita and Dolly Kei looks to be certain, but with a sweet vintage bohemian twist all its own.


Last spring I was at the most amazing vintage/antique/thrift store in Fresno. I found score after score on the racks. But then I looked up and saw dozens of exquisite, spectacular, gorgeous vintage dresses hanging from the 30 ft high warehouse ceiling. I immediately went up to the counter and asked about them. "Sorry", I was told, "They're for the Japanese."

I was perplexed and intrigued, but not surprised (every time I list a sweet Gunne Sax or a dolly dress I think about a darling little Japanese girl wearing it. Which, often enough, does end up happening).

Then, watching this video, I realized that it was probably the very boutique owner profiled here who the dresses were for! At about 4 minutes in they talk about a trip she made to California to get some vintage clothing :-)

I adore this woman, Hitomi Nomura- what an inspiration (an inspiration who was, like me and so many of you, inspired herself by Tasha Tudor). The photos of the boutique in this post showcase her shop Grimoire, which looks to me like the happiest place on earth. This girl is a master of layering vintage with handmade into one seemingly impossible forest-frolicking masterpiece of an outfit.


Here is another video, featuring some killer fashion quotes from some beautiful Japanese women:

I have given some money to Japan in the last weeks, but I foresee more bleeding out of my pockets towards the country ( or more accurately, the Grimoire Boutique) in the very near future...


Pretty Summer Dresses for Mother & Daughter, Part 2

[singlepic id=281 w=500 h=350 float=]

Okay, here I am wearing yet another birthday gift dress, this one from Milla, who also gave me my beautiful new Gunne! I love the crochet detailing at the neck and sleeves here and decided to offset it with the lace hem of a slip underneath.

And Miss Mycelia, who insisted we wear our blue dresses together, is wearing the most adorable vintage dress that I got for half off at the Salvation Army recently. Not only is it the sweetest print with the most precious details, but it is an I Magnin! Sasha first introduced me to this brand, which was in fact a retailer in San Francisco that catered to the hippie and bohemian tastes of the 60s and 70s. I've had many an I Magnin piece come through the shop, but had never seen a child's garment before. It fits her perfectly and I can't wait to dress her in it constantly this spring and summer.

[singlepic id=282 w=500 h=350 float=]

[singlepic id=283 w=500 h=350 float=]

[singlepic id=284 w=500 h=350 float=]

Now I don't know if it is a nation wide thing or just regional to the seven Salvation Army's in our area, but those stores are having the craziest sales lately. They majorly upped their prices last year but make up for it by having some sort of sale every day. The day I got Mycie's dress above I also got this one for myself. It was a "Red, White, and Blue" sale day, meaning if what you buy contains any of those colors, it's half off!

[singlepic id=286 w=500 h=350 float=]

Mycie's top here is another gift from Joanne, hand made by her grandmother in my beloved red gingham. And I must say that I am just as stoked on this dress for daily spring and summer for myself as I am for hers.

[singlepic id=287 w=500 h=350 float=]

See? Fun! Okay Mr. Sunshine, time to emerge from hibernation...