A Prairie Dress a Day: Four ♥ Candi Jones Easter Dress

Candi Jones Floral Lace Sun Dress


Floral, lace, smocking... Candi Jones strikes again!

Vintage Candi Jones Lace Sun Dress

Okay, today's off-topic topic is Instagram! Who has it, who loves it, who wants to follow me on it!? It's one of my most used apps on my new (and beloved) iPhone, and I don't know how I ever lived without it ;-)

...For moments like this would not be captured, filtered in a retro hip fashion, and instantly shared with friends & family without it. We were eating snacks at the park yesterday when Mycelia suddenly got into this position. I asked her where she learned it and she said she saw it in a book about India. So sweet.

Let's connect y'all. I'll be putting an Instagram plug-in here on my blog soon, but in the meanwhile search for violetfolklore within the app itself. Good times.

♥ A Prairie Dress a Day: Springtime Vintage Celebration

Vintage 70s Floral Lace Prairie Dress

Okay lovelies! In celebration of the glorious weather we're having here

...(just after the first snow of the year)

...it is time to unveil a little something I've been preparing for all winter

...the Violet Folklore Springtime Prairie Dress Collection!

Exciting right!? Every day for the next two weeks I will be listing one new dress from the collection in the shop. The violets are in full bloom around here, and offering my favorite vintage style to the world in 14 different varieties seems like the very sweetest way to celebrate the coming of spring.

Well, not quite as sweet as actually eating the amazing wild violets that are proliferating in joyous abundance in hues ranging from white to dark purple. This year, I'd really love to experiment more with wild violet recipes. In fact, I'm stoked on having all sorts of herbal adventures in the coming warm season.

In the meanwhile, as we count down the days to the Vernal Equinox, I will be sitting right here listing one lovely, lacy, flowery, ruffly dress each beautiful day (no matter the weather!). Stay tuned!

A Revelation in Lavender Floral

On our Sacramento shopping extravaganza last weekend I found this Gunne Sax high waisted skirt. It features a delicate floral print in soft pink and lavender and lace and a corset tie front. A total dream. I'm keeping it. I've already worn it twice.

Oh and I found this perfect grey top for wearing under high waisted skirts that day too!

I actually prefer imperfections on Gunnes and other vintage prairie dresses (especially tattered lace, there is something so appealing about tattered lace on an old dress).

But what is this!? A skirt that doubles as a dress!? Indeed it is my friends. The previous owner simply hand sewed (in bright red thread, no less) two strips of (tattered) lace into the top of the skirt to serve as straps. So simple. I wore it as a dress to the BriarPatch Co-op yesterday (where Mycie got her face painted by the famous Penney the Clown). Then brought it back down for book club look in the evening.

This is how I wore it to book club, with my lavender cashmere sweater and the only necklace I ever really wear. Our book was Slouching Towards Bethlehem, a collection of essays by Joan Didion exploring California culture in different locales in the 1960s (published in 1968). Sacramento and San Francisco (from whence Gunne Sax emerged in the last 60s) are both covered, as are many other places. We all loved it and it stirred up some lively conversation. Such as when I compared Didion's value as someone who calls people out on the mythologies they create (the Haight-Ashbury scene, the John Wayne bravado, the Joan Baez peace ideology) to Regretsy.com, where Etsy and its countless users are called out on the bullshit they try to pull. (It was a stretch, but at least I turned a few more people on to the hilarity that is Regretsy).

In other news, our camera should be here any day now! And I have soooo many new pieces to shoot! And a fabulous location for the weekend! And the sun is non stop shining 'round here! And did I mention that I have a new skirt that's also a dress!?!?

A Prairie Winter (or, When the Tea Party Meets Etsy)

For the 27th time in the last few years I present to you... my new favorite dress! I peeped it on Etsy last week and simply had to break my self-imposed No Buying Till Preschool Is Out And We Have Extra Spending Money ban. And it was well worth it.

We were supposed to check out Mycelia's next year kindergarten this morning, but it was snowing too hard. She made it through the lottery and is headed for a childhood of FREE Waldorf education!!! But these photos weren't taken today, they were actually taken two days ago, just hours after taking the rainy photos in my last post (with an all-important post office delivery in the interim!).

I got the dress from RogueRetro on Etsy. The shop owner Amanda and I got to talking and through a random sequence of subjects she ended up sending me this link to footage of when she was on the Glenn Beck show. You see, she thrifted a Revolutionary War outfit that his mom had sewn for his dad back in the day (she lives in Seattle and he grew up nearby), and sent it to him without asking for anything in return. So he flew her and her darling daughter Ella out to New York and had her on his show. I'm not the dude's biggest fan (nor is she) but I really enjoyed watching this. As will you. (And I just dare you not to be inspired by Amanda, who is kind-hearted, hard working, and very successful. My purchase was her 3,000th sale! And she has made 39 more sales in the 5 days since!).

And this, my dear hearts, is the most perfect dress on the planet. I love me some soft pink, I adore me some white eyelet, and I crave me some maxi length. The bodice is my favorite. As you all ladies probably know, finding a perfect bust fit can be quite a challenge. For me, especially in the sweltering summertime, I really prefer to be braless. Obviously, this is not doable with a lot of dresses. All of my favorite vintage summer prairie style dresses insist upon my wearing my most uncomfortable strapless with them. But not this li'l darlin'! The back is smocked, ensuring proper fit. And the front material is thick enough and perfectly shaped. I'm in heaven.

Or I will be. When I can wear the dress like this, without the sweater and without the boots and without freezing my ass off. While driving my child to a school that upholds all of my values and ideals but is not draining my pocketbook. So that I can buy more dresses like this. And wear them. Or sell them. To make more money to buy more. So I can post 27 more new favorite dress blogs!

Gold Rush Mama

And hey, I actually do live in a 115 year old miner's cabin! (In Grass Valley, CA, heart of the Gold Rush). My girl Jasbir came over today to take some photos of me, conjure up an amazing essential oil blend to help me with some physical and emotional issues in my life, discuss Chinese Medicine (she is a practitioner), and just generally be an awesome friend and person. She ended up taking three lovely dresses home (see photo below). And in turn she gifted me this belt, which I am seriously stoked on!

We had such a great time putting this outfit together. It started with the vintage smocked sundress (which is the love of my life), then I added the white top over it (I've had it for months but this was the first time I wore it), then I threw on the blue lace and Jasbir suggested I belt it. Perfect! The boots topped (bottomed) the look off.

Earrings: Tibet Nepal in Davis, CA

Dress: thrifted by Sasha

White Top: clothing exchange with friends

Blue lace: gifted from a friend

Belt: gifted from Jasbir

Boots: Solstice in Nevada City, CA

(Here is my favorite picture of me in this dress- I especially love my near invisible foot- taken by Graham last year at Wilbur Hot Springs):

But the best shot from the day was definitely this one. Mycelia, Jasbir, and her husband Spencer in front of his motorcycle and our miner's cabin, taken shortly before we all enjoyed (immensely) a Thai soup made by Graham. 'Twas a good, good day.