The Making of a Family: A Retrospective

Photos are posted in the order they were taken, starting 4 summers ago on the first night I met Suuzi (who was visiting Spencer here in Nevada City from her home in Canada at the time, about 2 years before they were married)...

He was born the morning of the 7th. He is beautiful and sweet, and Suuzi and Spencer are amazing. Spencer's dad Allen and Suuzi's mom Maureen are over the moon.

Suuzi and I plan to write up and share her birth story a some point in the future. It was long and challenging and didn't turn out as they had expected, but they are stoked on the outcome and grateful for the experience that made them a family. As you can tell, I adore these folks. I am continually awed with the creativity, equanimity, kindness, and grace with which they live their lives. And I am thrilled that they have made another person out of themselves.

(I will post more photos and the as-yet-undecided name and all that when the time comes...)

Welcome to the world, little one ❤