Fallow & Lavender & Logophilia

Yesterday I traded some old clothes into Solstice, the best little shop in Nevada City, and scored for myself (I'm considering it a 30th birthday gift to me from me) a totally heavenly lavender cashmere cardigan (pictures coming soon!). Then tonight I found a pale yellow floral top I recently thrifted and put them together... and fell in LOVE. It is the best color combo ever imagined- dreamy, ethereal, soft, and sweet.

And did you know that the word fallow- one of my favorites- (usually meaning dormant, resting, unproductive) can also mean pale yellow? I found that out today in this awesome book called How To Build A Better Vocabulary. Which was a gift to me from me with a Xmas gift certificate to Amazon.

I've always loved learning new words and new meanings for old words and, especially, learning about the origins and progeny of words as well as the connections and nexuses between them. So it was that, soon after learning about fallow, I found myself explaining where the word "lavender" came from to Mycelia. She fell and scraped her knees (alas, it is Only Skin) and as I was applying lavender essential oil (don't leave home without it) to her cuts I told her how "lavere" is the Latin root meaning to wash, so the lavender was cleaning her wounds. She loved it. Her little mind is going crazy right now with words, letters, spelling, and writing, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I was also thinking all day today that I should make an Etsy Treasury soon (for the first time). Boy Etsy has made the process a whole lot easier since I first attempted to do it a ways back. I highly encourage you to give it a go if you haven't yet!

So if you haven't figured out where this is all going by now... yes, I made a Treasury with all fallow & lavender (resting & clean?) items. It is lovely to look at, I must say.

Make your dear little heart happy and check it out!

Oh and I didn't add this last photo- since it's from my own shop- to the Treasury, but I do have to say that I happen to have the prettiest fallow & lavender vintage dress on Etsy at the moment :-)

Logos = word. Phil = love.

(Gotta) love (Greek) words.