They Just Don't Make 'em Like This Anymore... Vintage 50s & 60s DDR Lace Slips

I recently acquired a small collection of some of history's most beautiful and well-made satin slips and cotton camisoles. Each piece is exquisitely detailed- a lace lover's waking dream. And each is totally unique, every-day functional, and utterly flattering to any woman lucky enough to wear it.

These spectacular garments were produced in East Germany in the 50s and 60s, when that country referred to itself as the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (the DDR), or the German Democratic Republic. This was the post WWII era, when part of Europe was behind the "Iron Curtain" that demarcated those countries from those who did not live under the hegemony of the Soviet Union. These beauties were hidden away from the world for decades until the Berlin wall fell in 1990, and their remarkable craftsmanship and near-pristine condition suggest a time and place far removed from our modern day aesthetic and textile manufacturing practices.

There are six nylon satin slips and eleven cotton camisoles of varying lengths in the collection. I have owned a hip-length and a waist-length camisole for a few months now and I absolutely adore them. For four reasons:

1. I love feeling as though my body is enveloped in an authentic piece of history. Of course, this is true of all vintage, but there's something extra special about the story- the time & place- that produced these slips.

2. They are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I mean really- they don't make 'em like this anymore. The night I brought them home with me I sat on the couch and draped all of them over myself in a joyful revery of satin, floral, and lace. I was just beaming with the knowledge that these existed, and that I was lucky enough to get to see and touch them in person. The lace work itself is enough to send any vintage/textile/clothing/art lover over the edge of reason and into an abyss of sweet ecstasy.

3. Not only are they beautiful, they are completely functional. The camisoles especially can be worn under everyday clothing for extra warmth and support. The bodices are well structured and my friends and I have found that we can usually forgo a bra when we wear one. The longer camis and the slips also work beautifully under dresses. And, of course, the satin slips are the perfectl example of what we here at VF like to call "house candy"- cute lounge clothes you wear at home to make yourself (and possibly your partner/housemates) feel happy (and possibly amorous) every time they see you.

4. This collection features pieces in most size categories- from a small A cup to a large D cup, with most of them being medium B or C cups. Most of the camisoles have quite a bit of stretch to them and will flatter any body they are lucky enough to hug. Check measurements carefully in any listing you might be interested in.

All items are now listed in the shop! A legion of thanks to my beloved JenJen and the amazing photographer and graphic designer Scott Nice for helping me navigate my way through my first indoor photo shoot in order to really showcase these fabulous pieces ❤