The Joy of Summer: 90's Fashion and Extended SALE!

*By guest blogger & Violet Folklore model Suuzi*

After a lengthy delay, summer is here! The coldest, wettest spring in 50 years is done and I'm outside gardening and having fun. Around our small town, I have a reputation for dressing to impress. People also know that I have a garden, chickens, and goats.

I've had people ask on more than one occasion, "What do you wear when you're working?" To be honest, I mostly dress the same as I do day to day. If I get a little dirt on me, so what? Here I'm rocking two new wardrobe additions that epitomize the early 90s style that Amber and I are loving so much these days: my hot pink silk high-waisted "Mom shorts," and a 90's rayon romper.

The pink gloves are to protect my hands from the nettles I'm harvesting. My husband Spencer and I eat the nettles steamed, they are full of minerals and absolutely delicious! It is hilarious to feed them to the goats and watch them chow down like its no big deal. For some reason the stings don't penetrate their otherwise soft, silky muzzles and mouths.

The sale has been extended continues through Sunday at midnight, 30% off summer clothes to dress up or get dirty.