Shop Preview: Hippie Chic and Bundly Fall Goodness

From Sasha

Today's photo shoot took place right back in My Big Backyard. It's changed so much in the past month! The sweet peas and grasses are almost completely dry, and there are tons of baby frogs hopping around under foot. Yessums, baby frogzums! They really are that cute.

Check out these cute dresses I found! Soft and pretty, my two favorite things:



And skirts! This one has elephants on it. I love an elephant!:


Maximum Woodstock Babe:


A gorgeous wool skirt from Saks Fifth Avenue (thank to my mom for this fur headpiece-- I snaked it from her closet last time I was visiting! It is going to come in handy all winter long):


And yes, it is almost capelet time... and there is nothing I like better than a great capelet! In red plaid, hel-LO.


The "yeah, my capelet rocks, whattaya want to do about it?" face. Somewhat silly outfit thanks to early morning "idea" fest... but I decided to go with it. When we first started an Etsy shop, I asked for a critique on the forums, and one girl told us to quit with the weird accessorizing. I was hurt but took it to heart... a little too much, I decided. I am weird. I can't hide it from you anymore.


And an awesome fitted leather jacket. Here I am trying to look like a Badass:


Tough! Grrrr! But wait... who got in the picture?


It's Zouzou, my little tree-climber! Zouzou is so happy this week because the stray cat we were taking care of got adopted (by one of our Etsy customers!) (Seriously!) and now no one is eating his food and muscling him out of the best nap spots. He was proud as a lion on the savannah today. These ones are for my dad, who always asks about the cats, and any other Cat Fanciers out there... and my apologies for my self-indulgence:


On the hunt!


I spy with my kitty eye...


Well, wait a minute.


What was I doing again?


***My tummy is full of my honey's Tuna Mac, and I am going to try to upload these all tonight to the shop. If you want a Reserve, hit me up!***