Vintage Big Box

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When one thinks of vintage brand names, I believe one tends to picture the uppity designers or boutiques who are either still in existence or else live on in legend. I know that I was thrilled to recently find a Valentino slip gown, a number of I Magnin pieces, and a fabulous Bullocks Wilshire dress.

But what about the big box chain stores that have been in existence for just as long? Well, there's plenty of that sort of vintage floating around too.

Take this adorable folksy Kmart sweater for example. My friend Sasha found it on Etsy and suggested I buy it. And I did! And I cracked up when I received it and read the label. And I can tell you that I have definitely had more compliments on this piece than any designer garment I own.

And the wonderful little coat was recently found at a thrift store by Graham. The tag says "R.E.I. Co-op" dating the piece to the 1970s when R.E.I. identified itself that way. As with all of their garments since their founding in the 1930s, it is totally practical, warm, and wearable. I love it and it is going to get a lot of use this winter!