Bunnyhenge: Festival Of The Rising Sun To Raise Awareness

This Saturday was the much anticipated Bunnyhenge, a one day music festival and camp out that Sasha of Astral Boutique and her husband Chris organized just in the last few weeks. They cleared weeds around their home for tent pitching, set up a stage, and coordinated musicians from Grass Valley/Nevada City, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.

Sasha, of course, looked amazing. And rocked the fuck out.

Cynthia with the disco ball while everyone is setting up.

Chris gets pumped, shows off the world recognized rock n' roll bunny ear hand gesture.

My outfit was heart themed.

Even the shirt!

Greg Moore of The Moore Brothers, who asked me "Do you think Sasha just dresses like this every day, doing work around the house and yard and stuff?" To which I replied "Yes."

And Thom Moore. Completion of The Moore Brothers. Best brothers in town.

Okay these folks. They are the owners of the land that Sasha and Chris live on. They themselves live in Arizona, and their son lives on the property and is the awesome "landlord". They visit once a year, and just happened to be coming this year during Bunnyhenge. Sasha was worried when she first learned that they were coming, but come to find out they were her biggest supporters. In fact, her expression here is a reaction to a $60 check they are presenting her with in support of Bunnyhenge. $60 because they are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this year. After the music making got under way these octogenarians got up on stage and each made a speech, with her saying she was so happy to see the young people expressing their joy and sharing their creativity with the world, and him saying something along the lines of "We bought this land back in 1985 on the word of our son, and it sure is a fine piece of land..." There were tears in the eyes of many of us young people in the crowd.

Graham shows off the T shirts they had made.

Clothes rack in the woods- how Astral Boutique/Violet Folklore :-)

As usual, Sasha has it all taken care of.

Me and G hanging out with Holly and Neil, who left Nevada County in the fall to start a new life in Missoula and just happened to be visiting home when their best friends were throwing a crazy music festival.

The Dazzling Strangers prepare to kick things off.

And commence the kicking.

Jessica, Simon, and Kristen bask in the almost Solstice sunlight.

Neil wails.

Rex, Esme, Carabeth, and Jessica, who was wearing, I might add, a Violet Folklore dress :-)

Artemas and a man I don't know but who, like Artemas, has nice smile lines.

Watching Graham perform. (It was a chilly evening and I had brought plenty of layers. Luckily for those who didn't Sasha, of course, had tons of adorable sweaters and jackets. I kept complimenting people's outerwear later in the night, and inevitably they'd reply "It's Sasha's").

Graham performing.

Best dress of the night. In the picture above this one you can see me cozying up to this gorgeous woman in order to get the full story behind her fabulous outfit. The dress was scored at a Sacramento thrift store that folks are always telling me to go to (the SPCA one). Check her out at her band Thousands Facebook page.

The crowd from above.

Greg Moore, being the awesomest person ever, upstairs in the warm house.

The stage at night, with people dancing in front while Psychic Zoo plays.

Ariella Daly, one of my best girls, viewed from my relatively calm and restful spot up on the porch.

And this is my new friend Addison, from Sacramento. Addison works at the amazingly yummy, family-run-for-thirty-years, natural foods eatery Sunflower Cafe in Fair Oaks, California. They make the best nutburgers EVER and I haven't had one in like 7 years, but I think of them often. And guess what!? He had brought a bunch of them with him for the barbeque! As if he didn't endear himself to me enough by making sure I got one, he then topped off my Bunnyhenge experience by putting a pair of glasses on this stuffed bunny. We laughed our asses off.

So that's my tiny little slice of Bunnyhenge documentation. Sasha was a bit too busy taking care of everyone and dancing like a gypsy to take photos, but plenty of other folks did so hopefully she can use those to tell the whole story. There were lots more musical acts and people in attendance than I showed here.

Here's hoping this was the 1st Annual and that we get to do it all again next year!

Camera, Banjo, Fiddle-The Troll & The Maidens

From the Camera, Banjo, Fiddle photo series.

Once upon a time, two brown haired maidens set out from their home at the edge of the meadow to explore the woods beyond, ignoring warnings from the townfolk to beware the evil troll who dwelleth there...

The girls were young and adventuresome and, in fact, the stone bridge they had been told to avoid was their very destination, for underneath it flowed sacred water believed to ensure goodness of heart, vitality, and everlasting life to all who called upon it. And they wanted these things.

And so the girls gazed intently into the distance and began to concentrate on conjuring the qualities the water was purported to impart, for they knew that they must work to cultivate those things in themselves before they could ask the water to bless them.

But suddenly the air shifted, and the girls realized that something was wrong.

Where once there had been only the serene sound of the magical water flowing beneath the stone there now grew a terrible rumbling, and the girls looked down and realized in an instant that the legends were true- and that the troll had come to undo the very magic they were trying so earnestly and faithfully to do.

He tried to break their concentration and ruin their lovely afternoon, the scoundrel!

There was a moment in which the maidens thought that all was lost, and that their attempts at immortality had backfired so severely that they were sure to lose their lives that very day.

But they kept their wits about them, kicked that old troll in the face, and ran off through the woods to take photographs of one another instead, knowing that the water had heard their calls after all and that they were free to live the rest of their everlasting lives romping around the woods in their favorite vintage nighties.

And they felt the gaze of the Faery Queen looking down at them from her tower, and knew that many good things and beautiful frocks would come their way as they explored the forest and the wide world for all of eternity.

And mostly they felt no fear, until they came upon a little house dug into the hillside which they knew must belong to the old troll himself.

They took precautions to ensure that the troll, if he had been able to drag his wounded and bleeding self from beneath the bridge and make it home, did not detect their presence.

And, in fact, once they remembered that they were now endowed with immortality they quickly lost all fear and began to relax...

And have fun!

And when the troll emerged from his home (with an actually quite handsome face, which had healed astonishingly fast!) to apologize for frightening the girls so, they knew they had made a friend and forest ally for life...

and were much pleased...

especially when he offered to play his banjo and carry their clothes back to their home at the edge of the meadow for them.

Photography by Artemas Rex, troll embodied by John Lee Simpson, vintage nighties frolicked in by Ariella Daly & myself.

Camera, Banjo, Fiddle- The Clothes

This will be the first in a series of posts I am calling "Camera, Banjo, Fiddle" in which I will share the incredible images captured on a perfect Sunday afternoon in an utterly magical creek side backyard in Nevada City, CA.

This is my favorite shot of the day (from what I've seen so far)- John Lee plays the banjo, I wear white lace, Ari wears red velvet, and Artemas Rex plays the fiddle.

Camera, banjo, fiddle.

This shoot was born from a number of little eddies of inspiration- my new friendship with photographer Simon Weller (who shot film as well as digital and whose images I have yet to see- these were all taken with my camera, which was passed around between everyone throughout the day- but Simon's shots are sure to be better!), my desire to document more of this town's well dressed- and vintage loving- men (among which John Lee and Artemas rank near or at the very top), my girl Amanda's amazing yoga abilities needing to be captured on camera, and my hope to share the musical talents of Ari (Ariella Daly) and Artemas (Artemas Rex). Oh, and my wish to bring the loveliest vintage pieces into the homes of folks who will love and enjoy them as I do!

It was one of the sweetest afternoons of my life- filled with some of my favorite people on earth, gorgeous vintage garments that I've been saving up for this very day, a location that I had seen from afar and dreamed of visiting close up, two bottles of good wine, and to top it all off two of my favorite men playing my two favorite musical instruments almost the entire afternoon. It was the perfect soundtrack for this setting, and put us three ladies in a playful, posing mood.

There are so many beautiful images that I simply must break it down into a number of posts, and I decided to focus this first one on the clothes (that will be for sale in the shop this week):

And more- so, so much more!- to come...