We Love Our Customers: Lindsey, Boho Queen of Jersey

From Sasha
I've said it before, I'll say it again: we have the coolest customers. Case in point, our new friend Lindsey, who bought our Ultimate California Boho Chic dress! Now it is the Ultimate New Jersey Boho Chic Dress, as it's gone to the other coast for its new adventures. Lindsey sent us the best Customer Appreciation photo, and she kindly agreed to do a mini-interview with us. Here is a little more about this lovely guitar strummin' gal...
Violet Folklore: What is inspiring you this Fall?
Lindsey: The untimely cold weather here in New Jersey has inspired me to start layering. I've been trying to layer more elegant pieces under all of my vintage 60s and 70s thick hippie sweaters.
VF: What are you playing on that there guitar? What are your fave (musical) albums/songs of the moment?
Lindsey: Well, I am still taking guitar lessons, I am only 15 years old, but I hope (someday soon) to miraculously become a guitar virtuoso! I love to play Creedence Clearwater Revival tunes, they are so fun to strum! I love listening to old music, mainly classic rock. I absolutely love Bob Dylan. I also like Joan Baez, The Band, The Allman Brothers, Steve Miller Band, and the Rolling Stones. I do like some newer music, though. I really enjoy Beck. His music is so fun and crazy! I like The Killers as well.
VF: Where did you get your love for vintage clothes? What are some of your fave pieces that you own?
Lindsey: I started wearing vintage clothing because the details, fabrics, and shapes are just so different and, in my opinion, superior to those of the clothing made today. I definitely would not be able to go to the mall today and find a psychedelic and floral printed turtleneck dress with a smocked bodice and long, flowy sleeves. (like the one I purchased from your shop!)
VF:  What is the best thing that happened to you this year?
Lindsey: A highlight of this year was the Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp concert that i went to over the summer in Lakewood, NJ. It was unbelievable!! The entire concert lasted about eight hours. Even though it rained torrentially the entire time, it was still so much fun! The crowd, the performers, and the rain made it the closest I'll ever get to being at Woodstock!
Lindsey just opened her own fabulous Etsy vintage boutique. Check it out here! And rock on, vintage ladies...