Dream Inspired Design

A couple years ago, when I'd decided to ditch my Etsy vintage shop and focus exclusively on herbalism, I knew the first step in re-branding my online identity and giving myself focus for the vision I was creating for the future was getting a new logo. But I have zero graphic design experience, and felt overwhelmed by the number of designers out there.

So I was thrilled when, the minute I saw the Dream Inspired Design website, my heart said YES! It was an immediate resonance; I knew these women could create my perfect logo.

And they did. It was exactly what I wanted but even better; it gave perfect expression to my vision but added beautiful elements I hadn't thought of. I have sung the praises of Shelby and Ana, the women who run the company, ever since. Today, I'd like to share with you this video they just released (so fun seeing my logo floating among the many others they've designed in the middle of the honeycomb at the end).

If you are a business owner or creator of any kind seeking an earth-conscious company to help with web design, branding, and marketing, I cannot recommend Dream Inspired Design any more highly. My logo opened up a whole new world for me, and I know they can do the same for you.

Oh, and they're the babes behind my favorite Moon Calendar out there!