On Genuine Friendship in a Glossed-Over Age

Sometimes I get so sick of the way women present themselves online, and flatter their way into relationships with perfect strangers on social media in order to increase their own popularity, that I want to puke. I envision writing a whole post on the subject someday, but since that's probably not gonna happen cause I'm too busy obsessing over this issue to think clearly about it, here's a short post I threw up (not literally, but almost) on Facebook this morning. (Does it make you like me more? Please leave a gushy comment below about how amazing I am.) Laughing-Friends-2_thumb3

Dear women friends- I love you not because you're a dreamy manifestation of the divine feminine who embodies love and light and abundance, but because you're real and raw and beautiful as fuck and you share your deepest vulnerabilities, most flawed imperfections, and wildest dreams with me. Give me painfully honest in-person conversations over perfectly edited, sticky sweet, oh-so-public social media mushiness any day. Only our truest and messiest selves, not our most flattering and polished selves, can sustain real friendship. Let's continue to grow together and be these ladies someday.

(For more on these issues, read any of Brene Brown's books or watch her super popular TEDtalks on shame and vulnerability, and/or read Milla's astute take on this complex matter).