Illuminated: The 2012 Vintage Holiday Dress Collection

"In the depth of winter I finally learned that within in me lay an invincible summer." -Albert Camus

When winter's icy claws creep their way into my home and body, I often find that the clothes that warm my bones also warm my heart with their visual beauty and tactile delight. Deep, earthy hues in warm and luxurious fabrics illuminate the long nights and bring shape and form to the most skeletal of inner & outer landscapes.

This year, my winter preparations included gathering a small library of books for research I hope to find the time to do as my fast-paced world (hopefully) slows down a bit to match the season, preparing herbal medicine and plenty of bone broth to keep my loved ones healthy and strong, and hunting down the most amazing vintage holiday party dresses I could find!

I am swooning over the many lace & velvet pieces I ended up with.

And O! all the hues of red.

"Let us love winter. For it is the spring of genius." -Pietro Aretino

(All dresses are now available in the shop.)