Portal Day

Some days, the earth energy begs to be met with mindful attention and intention on the part of its inhabitants.

Some days, the energy of the cosmos aligns as well, and true magic is interwoven into the fabric of everyday reality.

Yesterday was a glorious and joyful day for me, celebrated with my nearest and dearests- a new moon letting go ritual at the Yuba River in the morning with Jen, and an afternoon gathering with Adam and a group of friends at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, overlooking all of Nevada City, to view the eclipse. As Adam and I walked up the mountain alone to join our friends, at the peak of the eclipse, we were surrounded by hundreds of little portal openings. I later learned that these are created only at that moment of climax as the leaves on trees create a pinhole projection effect. It was pure magic.

Speaking of aligning cosmic and earthly energies, on our walk back down I spotted lots of St. John's Wort popping up. In about four weeks, at the Summer Solstice, it will all be in bloom. This plant is pure sunshine medicine, and look at how it's just soaking it up! As I said in my post on making lavender oil, I will write all about this potent plant after I harvest some to make oil from it next month.

Speaking of harnessing the energy of portal days to work your own kind of magic, I recently watched and absolutely loved the National Geographic special Stonehenge Decoded (also streaming on Netflix). Seriously, even if you think that learning about Stonehenge is only for pagan hippie freaks, I dare you to watch this without being moved by the knowledge of our ancestors and their relationship with the earth and the cosmos.

I hope your day was blessed and charged and open and ecstatic.