the past into the present

Ladies and gentlemen! I have recently returned from a fantastic weekend along California's central coast, and will be posting all about it soon enough. But it's a lot to tell. And I have a lot of catching up to do on a lot of blogs before I take the time to write up a big post. So you see, it's all a lot.

Speaking of A LOT, here is a lot of amazing vintage I scored yesterday! I figured that sharing this lot with you would be a quick n' easy way to get a post up in the meanwhile.

I made a last minute decision yesterday afternoon to abandon my plans and drive to the next town over to hit up their two amazing little thrift stores.

Good call, me.

I used to drive there once or twice a week, but then moved a little further away when we settled in Nevada City.

But I vow anew to return more often. Because, look at this haul of killer vintage! (Both of these boots are already listed in the shop). It's small rural area, and the merchandise reflects that.

I even found this sweet little guitar for Mycie.

I also stopped in at TOMES, a local used bookstore, to use up some credit I had. I went straight to Faulkner. As you know, he's been on my mind lately. Eric Tome, owner, said that he loved the book in the middle there when he read it 40 years ago (he used to read one Faulkner novel a year, until there were none left to read). As for the non-Faulkner book on the left, it caught my eye, and when I picked it up I flipped right to this page and my eyes fell immediately upon the middle quotation:

Due to the fact that I recently titled a blog post this very phrase, I had to get the book. I was inspired to seek out Faulkner's books yesterday morning while listening to his very own voice on an old recording on NPR. I was especially moved by the piece entitled Man Is The Living Sum Of His Past, in which he says that

" is complete in motion only because he is the son of his ancestors, and his condition, his time".