Home, you are me and I am you

A photographic tour of our cozy, sunny li'l place in downtown Nevada City (with some meandering thought detours along the way)...

The most notable part of our new home, by far, is the addition of two new feline roommates. Sarah and Ella have two kitties, a brother and sister named Henry & Fiona.

They are sweet and loving cats who don't seem to mind being swaddled like babies and carried around, or covered in blankets and snuggled.

Mycie is in heaven.

This bookshelf has been in my home since before I was born, and I am so happy to still have it with me. Especially because I have acquired some killer new books lately! Between trading at a local bookstore a few days ago, an Amazon gift card I got from my reward points when I closed my Chase account and switched to a local credit union, and a quick surprise visit with Heather at the amazing Bookery in Placerville, I am all stocked up on winter reading material.

The fascination with maritime lore, seafaring discoveries of days long past, and whaling continues. I have also been revisiting my life long interest in theoretical physics cosmology, thanks mostly to the wonders of Netflix streaming service and the amazing educational programs people have been creating the last few years. For millennia folks have looked up at the stars and wondered how it all began and what it was made of and how the universe worked, and now we actually have these answers! And people have put them into visually stunning and easy-to-understand videos for the rest of us to watch. I am just floored with the new discoveries in cosmology in the last decade and with the fact that I actually understand what these physicists are telling me about it all.

This video is a great starting point. I also recommend How The Universe Works (streaming on Netflix, as is the video above and the entire series it's a part of) and the recent PBS special with Brian Greene The Fabric of the Cosmos (the first episode, What Is Space?, completely and utterly blew my and Sarah's minds the other night).

Moving on from cosmology to death and sex and maternity... how rad is it that these two books are by the same woman?

And now back to kitties. Fiona loves to be photographed.

No matter what she's doing.

Sarah took this perfectly framed shot. Check out the sweeeet dictionary I got for free at a coffee shop book exchange shelf last year! I love it and use it quite frequently.

Listing on Etsy, coffee and notes on measurements at the ready.

Mycie and Ella have a pretty great little play space, and they sure do make good use of it.

My obsession with rainbow crystal photography continues.

Hasselback potatoes! Make them.

But no matter how sweet life is at home, sometimes you just wanna get out.