Nevada City Summer Bizarre!

Fun times at the historic Miner's Foundry in downtown Nevada City on Saturday, as vendors from all over Northern California converged to try and make a buck...

My spot.

I was lucky enough to be placed next to my favorite folks from Placerville. Here's Becki of Velvet Leaf setting up the booth she shared with Heather of Moonshine Junkyard.

And here's Becki and Jorden's sweet little Oliver, made famous already on Heather's blog.

Becki was very pregnant at the Winter Bizarre back in December. It was nice to see the fruit of her labor :-) and to finally meet this little guy and get to spend some time snuggling him!

Sasha's booth.

Leora(who has already posted her own blog about the event)'s booth.

Now these folks. There's a special story here. At the December Bizarre Kim and Ryan's booth was right next to mine. Kim secretly tried on, looked AMAZING in, and bought a wedding dress from me ("for if we get married some day, but don't tell Ryan, I want it to be a surprise"). Well, talking to them on Saturday I learned that they were getting married the next day, and that she was going to wearing the dress!

You can check out their sweet creations at A Boy Named Coy.

Here's Beverly of La Fae Company (website coming soon) doing a beautiful interpretive dance that means "don't take my picture until my booth is all set up please". She looked so cute here that I had to post it.

Carabeth's booth, featuring some beautiful bags and pillows that you can find here.

The downstairs room.

...where Kira's amazing vintage home goods found many an admirer.

There was live music happening all day too. This is Brett Shady and Jonathan Hansard, and an adorable couple who got up and started dancing like lovestruck fools right in front of everyone.

I highly suggest you listen to my favorite Brett Shady song here. You'll be glad you did.

Pretty nice rack, eh?

Two of my besties- Christy and Dawn. I was lucky enough enough to be placed very close to Dawn, whose table of crystals magnetizes people to her as if they were under a spell (every time I see her vending it's like this). Dawn believes it's because "people need crystals and crystals need people".

Psychedelic rainbow... fade to black...

Getting to see Nicole of Crimson & Clover and Heather was a total highlight of the day. We all had such a great time together during our epic meet up back in February, but living in different locations means that we just don't get to see one another as often as we'd like. PLUS. I got the cutest top ever from Nicole! I'll have to post about it once the weather cools off and I can wear it without completely overheating.

I'll leave you with Zack (clad in a new VF score) and Winter, the two best dressed little darlings at the Bizarre!