Office Gear 'Round Here

Ah, the up sides and down sides to having an online vintage clothing shop.

You don't have to wake up, be somewhere, and clock in at a specific time. But you do need to be self-motivated and cultivate focus when a million other things are calling for your attention.

You don't have to deal with any bosses or cranky coworkers. But you do need to negotiate relationships with an array of online personalities who you will never meet in real life.

You don't have to worry about if what you're wearing is appropriate for work. But you do need to look fabulous!

Okay, so sometimes we show up for our photo shoots in yoga pants with circles under our eyes, begging for coffee. But sometimes we are chipper as can be and wear our favorite vintage frocks to the job site! At times like that, we sure are glad there's a camera nearby.

I'm just about to head over to Suuzi's farm for this week's photo shoot. Coffee's been taken care of and the perfect weather has put a big smile on my face. All that's left to do is go choose another sweet outfit and show up for work Dressed For Success!